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Voter Registration Guide

Union College provides the link below to students in accordance to the 1998 reauthorization of the Higher Education Act which requires all postsecondary institutions to make an effort to provide voter registration information and opportunities to each student. This link may be found on the Consumer Information page (www.ucollege.edu/consumer-info).

Nebraska voter registration

Additional Information:

Interested in voting from your parents’ address outside the state of Nebraska?

Click on the following link to view state specific requirements: http://www.rockthevote.com/


Are you registered to vote at your parents’ address in the state of Nebraska?

To check, click on the following link: http://www.votercheck.necvr.ne.gov/


Do you wish to vote from your campus address?

The Supreme Court has ruled that students can vote from their campus address. However, be sure to follow the deadlines and guidelines.

Are you registered to vote at your campus address?

To check, go here: https://www.votercheck.necvr.ne.gov/

Check your polling location here https://www.votercheck.necvr.ne.gov/

It may be more convenient to cast an absentee ballot: http://www.sos.ne.gov/elec/pdf/earlyvote_app.pdf