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Campus Life

Health and Insurance

Campus Health  

Union College operates a campus clinic which is directed by Tammy Adams, a registered nurse, and Lorie Escobar, a licensed counselor. All counseling and health consultations are free to students. The school nurse schedules on-campus appointments with a nurse practitioner. Please contact Tammy Adams for these appointments.  Students who are ill need to contact the nurse during office hours by calling 402-486-2554. Student health is located under the Rees Hall East Wing, next to the police substation. Please visit the Campus Health web page for complete hours.



Students attending Union College are responsible for obtaining personal health insurance. The college requires that full-time students (those taking 12 or more hours) be covered by health insurance. Upon registration, students must furnish documentation verifying insurance coverage that is comparable to the school’s insurance coverage, or they may elect to purchase a health insurance plan through the college. Though health insurance is not required for students taking 11 hours or less, it is highly recommended. International students are required, by law, to purchase the major medical insurance. Medicaid from a state other than Nebraska does not suffice. Contact Student Life if you have questions regarding health insurance.



It is the student’s responsibility to report any accident involving personal injuries occurring on campus or at a college-sponsored activity to the college nurse 402-486-2554. College accident reports should be turned in within 48 hours of the accident. ALL accidents must be reported. Accident forms may be obtained from the school nurse.


Accidental Injury Coverage

All full-time students (those taking 12 or more hours) are automatically covered by a secondary accident insurance policy provided by Union College. Insurance claims should first be submitted to your personal carrier (primary insurer). Forms for filing claims with the secondary policy are available in Student Health,  Human Resources and Student Life. Students taking 11 hours or less of course work are responsible for their own accident insurance.


Campus Ministries

Campus Ministries is responsible for coordinating non-academic religious activities such as student missionary and taskforce appointments, chapel, vespers, Sabbath Experience, and Spiritual Journey Program, CABL, and SOS (Something on Sabbath). They also plan outreach and service opportunities to the community.


Student Missionary (SM)

Union College students have the opportunity to take six months to a year during their college experience to go to another country/culture to serve others. Short-term mission trips are also available. Contact Campus Ministries for details. Student missionary positions are similar to task force who do their tour in the United States, most often at an academy.


Religious Service Expectations

Students are expected to participate in the religious services provided on campus and are encouraged to take advantage of the outreach programs that are offered. Attendance at a specified number of services may be a condition of continued enrollment. Reminders will be sent to those who get behind in their religious service attendance. Religious services are not intended to replace private devotions, but enhance devotions by providing a forum for Christian interaction and a positive focus for students. Due to the many options that are being offered, please plan your semester to meet your religious service expectations.

Attendance totals may be called up on your computer. After logging onto the computer, select the "Student Information" option. Another menu screen will appear from which you should select "Worships." Religious service credit will be given when a student attends a service. The following services or programs are planned with your spiritual growth in mind.

Chapel, Tuesday 10:30 am 1 pt

Vespers, Friday 7:30 pm/8:00pm 1 pt

Power Pac/V2 1 pt

Wednesday dorm worship 1 pt

Other dorm/hall worships or approved services  1 pt

Regular attendance at approved small groups 1 pt


Expectations for each class is as follows:

                                Residence hall students                   Community Students

Freshmen                            35                                                            25

Sophomores                       30                                                            20

Juniors                                25                                                            15

Seniors                                20                                                            10


Worships are not required for married students, students with children, single community students 25 or older, community students taking five hours or less, students with  a baccalaureate degree, and seniors in the final semester of a baccalaureate degree.

When groups travel on weekends representing the college, members will receive vesper credit (assuming lists of those traveling are provided).  Students may request one worship credit from an approved leave upon return from that leave and if requested from the deans before Thursday at 12:00pm.


Three consecutive semesters of met worship credit expectations is required to live off campus at 21. Missing worship expectations for 2 consecutive semesters may result in having to reapply as a Union College student.


All residence hall religious services are open to non-residence hall students. Students who do not attend religious services regularly will be sent gentle reminders. Failure to meet these requirements may result in restriction of privileges and a registration hold.

Food Service


Union College serves many people from varied backgrounds. Mom’s cooking is the greatest, but people’s tastes differ from family to family. That’s why we offer a wide assortment of foods, flavors and fixings. In addition, there are vegan menu options as well as support for those with food allergies. Just ask for the Union Market director and they can help you with specific dietary needs.

Union’s meal charge minimum is designed to supply students one meal each day per school calendar day. The minimum provides a hot entree, a vegetable, and a salad serving or something to drink. With many restaurants and snack options in Lincoln, Union Market and Cooper’s Corner serve as a home base, a place to meet with friends, enjoy quick services, and relish nourishing, tasty food. There’s no place faster or friendlier than Union Market and Cooper’s Corner a few find at semester’s end that they are not able to fully use the cafeteria minimum. Please feel free to contact the dining service director to help you arrange desired purchases to fulfill the minimum requirements.


Serving Hours

Serving hours are for school-in-session only. Special event, holiday, registration, break, and vacation schedules will be posted.

Union Market is the place to find a healthy meal or a quick snack. Features included extended hours, market-style food preparation and Inky’s student lounge.

Weekdays: 7 a.m. - 10 p.m. service, except Friday the service area closes at 6 p.m.

Sabbath lunch: 1:15 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Saturday night: 6 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Sunday: 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.


Right of Entry

The college reserves the right for Student Life staff or their representatives to enter and inspect rooms and vehicles on campus when deemed necessary. Inappropriate items will be confiscated. Individuals may be searched with probable cause.


Housing Policy

Union College is primarily a residential college requiring residence hall housing of its students. Exceptions are:

  • Students who are 22 years of age at the beginning of a semester.

  • Students taking five semester credit hours or less (other than first-year freshmen).

  • Students living with parents whose primary residence, as verified by their income tax statement, is Lincoln.

  • Students living with close relatives who are 25 or older, having established homes.

  • Students who are married, divorced, separated or widowed.

  • Students who are 21, have senior standing, a 3.0 GPA, and three consecutive semesters of meeting worship credits, excellent citizenship, and have been approved by Deans’ Council.

  • Student living with an approved, non-related family. 20 Year old Senior Policy

  • They have a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

  • They have three consecutive semesters of worship credit.

  • They have good citizenship.

  • They have 92 hours of credit

  • They have spent 4 semesters in the residence hall.

Arrangements for moving off campus must be approved by Deans’ Council before signing any rental/lease agreement. Cohabitation outside marriage is not permitted for students attending Union College. Students showing financial need who are offered free room and board with a family in exchange for labor may request approval to live with that family. Questions or requests regarding the housing policy should be directed to the vice president for Student Life or residence hall dean.

Separate residence halls for men and women are maintained at Union. When visiting the residence hall of students of the opposite sex, use only the front entrance and con- fine visits to the lobby areas, not the living areas. Entering the living areas is not allowed.


Housing for non-Union students

Under certain conditions, students taking classes at a local college/university may apply to the vice president for Student Life for on- campus housing.


Housing for Union students

For info on residence halls, contact the Dean of Students for Student Life at x2530. For off-campus housing information, call the business office at x2502



Each residence hall is a private campus home where guests are welcome to visit. All guests of the opposite sex who are not members of the immediate family may visit only in the residence hall lobbies. Residents must arrange with a residence hall dean for guests to reside overnight in student rooms. Guests are to register at the appropriate hall desk and will be expected to abide by general campus and residence hall regulations. Visits should be limited to one or two nights. Otherwise, arrangements must be made with the dean and a charge of $10/night may be placed on the resident’s account. If a student fails to register his/her guest, a $10 charge per night may be assigned. Guests are not to smoke while on campus or bring/consume alcohol/drugs while on campus. Students are responsible for the conduct of their guests.


Dress and appearance expectations at Union College are based upon Biblical standards of modesty, morality, good taste, and Seventh-day Adventist social convention. The college defines modestly dressed students as those who wear clothing which is not revealing, tight fitting, transparent, or too brief. Clothing should be appropriate for the event or activity being attended. Appropriate grooming at Union includes natural looking make-up and well-groomed hair and beards. Conservative swimsuits are required for both women and men participating in water sport activities. Dress when attending religious services should reflect and recognition of the spiritual atmosphere.
While working or representing the college students must dress appropriately. In various employment areas/departments dress policy requirements may differ from this policy.


Motor Vehicle Regulations

Vehicle Registration

All residence hall and community students are to register vehicles within five days of arrival of the vehicle in Lincoln. Vehicles not displaying a Union College parking tag will be fined. A tag is not transferable between students. The college reserves the right to enter, remove or immobilize vehicles parked in violation of college motor vehicle regulation. The college permits all licensed students to operate a motor vehicle, providing the student is in good and regular standing. In permitting campus parking, the college assumes no liability in the event of damage to or loss of the vehicle or its contents. Keep vehicles locked for safety. Each driver agrees to absolve the college of all responsibility in connection with the vehicle and its use and to adequately insure his vehicle. Tickets may be paid in cash, or charged to the student’s account.


Basic Vehicle Regulations

  1. Do not obstruct traffic or parking. Any car parked in such a way as to obstruct, either partially or completely, the normal flow of traffic, any car parked in an area assigned to others ($20 fine); blocking access to fire lanes/sidewalks, posted visitor spaces ($20 fine) or handicap spaces ($50 fine), driveways, loading zones, “no parking” areas ($20 fine); any car parked along a curved curb in the oval in front of Prescott Hall, the west side of the drive or the oval, the south end of Rees Hall lot, handicap or visitor stall or other tow-away zone may be ticketed ($50 fine or tow away fee), towed away, or immobilized.

  2. The motor vehicle must be in operating condition with current licensing, insurance and on-campus registration. Vehicles not meeting the conditions listed below will be considered abandoned and will be towed at the owner’s expense. Vehicles parked on campus must:

    1. have current license plates and current Union College registration tag properly attached and proof of insurance.

    2. be used regularly and be kept in operating condition.

    3. be registered even if the vehicle is owned by an employer.

  3. No driving is allowed on lawns/sidewalks. ($30 fine)

  4. Drive safely, avoiding reckless driving and speeds over 10 miles/hour on campus ($50 fine). Be aware of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.



Students may park in campus lots except areas indicated for faculty or guests only. Rees Hall parking is yellow permit only, Prescott Hall/Culver Hall parking is green permit only, faculty and staff parking is red permit only, and village parking is blue permit only. If you have questions regarding parking please stop by Student Life and pick up a parking brochure. Motorcycle parking is allowed only on the cement slab east of Prescott Hall and in the courtyard of Rees hall. $20 fine for parking in other areas. Prescott Hall roundabout has four stalls in front of the dorm for loading/unloading only. The spaces directly behind Rees Hall are for the Deans and loading and unloading only. There is no student parking in this lot.


Campus parking regulations are intended to make parking as convenient for students and staff as possible. It is understood, however,  that not everyone can park immediately outside his/her room or office.

Should you choose to park your registered vehicle on public streets, please be aware that there is a city ordinance concerning cars parked longer than 24 hours without moving. Those cars are subject to ticketing and/or towing by the Lincoln Police Department. During the winter, snow parking bans are announced on local radio stations and published in local newspapers.



Student Life

This office deals with all aspects of student life that are not academic. This includes student problems (or solutions), residence halls, Saturday night activities, ASB, etc. The Student Life office is located on the first floor of the Dick Building. Visit them anytime - they are your advocate.  


Associated Student Body ASB

ASB is responsible for student publications, social activities, spiritual leadership, planning and initiating changes on campus. ASB gives students opportunities for leadership and student government. Elections are held each year in the spring.


Student Senate

This organization is the students’ legislative voice to the administration. This body discusses issues and makes recommendations for change and revision to various departments or policies. If you have a concern about an issue on campus please see your senator.


Adventist Colleges Abroad (ACA)

This program encourages a college experience in conjunction with Adventist colleges overseas. Academic-year programs are available at schools in Valencia, Spain; Braunau, Austria; Entre Rios, Argentina; Collonges-sous-Salève, France; Florence, and Italy. Summer programs are available in Valencia, Spain; São Paulo, Brazil; Athens, Greece; Florence, Italy; Collonges-sous-Salève, France; Braunau, Austria; Newbold College in England; Hong Kong; Jerusalem, Israel; and Kiev, Ukraine. Other Adventist colleges, not a part of ACA, include Avondale College in Australia; and Helderberg College in South Africa.


Union Scholars

Every division chair and professor should know about this program and encourage students to participate. Call x2560 for more information.


Larson Lifestyle Center

You can swim, lift weights or participate in a variety of other life-prolonging activities. The Larson Lifestyle Center houses a 25 meter indoor swimming pool, weight room and jacuzzi. It also sports outside tennis courts. The LLC even offers classes like golf, tennis, aerobics, scuba diving, and swimming. Union College faculty, staff, and students use the facilities free.



Union College athletics include the college men’s and women’s basketball teams, women’s volleyball team, men’s golf team, soccer team, or gymnastics team.Campus intramurals include floor hockey, flag football, slow-pitch softball, pickleball, volleyball, and basketball. Call the Larson Lifestyle Center for details, x2525.


Late Night

Students may play in the gym  after 11:00 p.m. if they have a GPA higher than 2.0. GPA’s will be calculated at mid-term and the semester. Semester grades will determine the ability to play the first half of the semester late night and mid- term grades will determine the ability to play the second half of the semester late night. This policy was established with the academic performance of the student in mind