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Drugs and Alcohol

Substance Use/Abuse

Union College is committed to a drug/tobacco-free environment for students. The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession or use of alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes, hookah or a controlled substance by a student while enrolled in Union College is prohibited and shall be viewed as an act of misconduct and shall be subject to disciplinary action, whether on or off campus. A controlled substance is any drug, except a prescription drug, that is used or possessed in the amount specified by a licensed physician. Alcoholic beverages such as beer, liquor or wine; drug paraphernalia and any substance represented to be a drug are included within the parameter of these guidelines. In addition, when these items are found in a student’s room or vehicle, the occupants of the room or the owner of the vehicle will be considered to be in possession, and the substance abuse policy will apply.


Union College will periodically provide alcohol and drug-free awareness programs in an effort to keep students informed of the dangers of drug abuse. The college’s responsibility in working with students involved in alcohol and drug use involves two areas: help in recognizing the existence of any drug abuse in their lives and help in maintaining an alcohol and drug-free atmosphere in order to enhance the scholastic environment.


When a student has been involved in substance use/abuse, an evaluation will be required at the student’s expense. The recommendation from the evaluation must be followed for a student to remain at Union College. Educational classes, outpatient or inpatient counseling may be required as part of the follow-up process. A variety of counseling and treatment services are available through agencies in Lincoln. Local, state and federal laws prohibit the possession, sale or distribution of drugs. An obligation exists to report activities of an illegal nature to criminal justice authorities. SELLING OR GIVING ALCOHOL TO MINORS IS ILLEGAL AND WILL BE REPORTED TO LAW ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITIES.


Drug Testing  

Union College retains the right, in the furtherance of its drug,alcohol and tobacco policy, to require drug testing. Failure to submit to such testing may subject the student to disciplinary actions, including, but not limited to, expulsion.