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Student Computer Policy


Union College operates a private computer system/network with access granted to users for a very specific use. Users are expected to maintain a high level of computer conduct.

It is not acceptable to:

  • Login/access the Union College system using anything but your assigned user
  • Add, examine, copy, modify or delete any files/data except to the areas assigned to you or to areas specifically designated as public
  • Load/download any software on a Union College computer without proper permission
  • Waste any resource such as using excessive disk space, creating unnecessary processes, unneeded printing, sending junk e-mail, excessive internet use, etc.
  • Possess or use any software for the purpose of breaking security/passwords, snooping or monitoring any computer/network
  • Attach a DHCP server to the Union College network
  • Enable a wireless access point including access points imbedded on other devices such as printers and routers
  • Knowingly attempt to distribute a virus, Trojan horse, monitoring software, etc.
  • Modify or configure any Union College computer or network hardware/software
  • Violate any lab policies
  • Use language or engage in conduct inconsistent with Union College policies and standards
  • Use Union College computers/network to violate rules of non-Union College computers/networks
  • Host services for connection from off campus
  • Harass, threaten or otherwise cause harm to individuals
  • Engage in any activity that is illegal by local, state or federal law

All infractions will be reported to the dean of students. Unacceptable conduct may result in disciplinary actions such as, but not limited to:

  • Temporary or permanent loss of computer privileges
  • Temporary or permanent suspension from college
  • Fees covering expenses incurred by the college
  • Involvement of local civil authorities

Please contact Information Systems if there is any doubt concerning proper conduct. Students needing help or documentation should contact Information Systems or e-mail: cshelp@ucollege.edu