Campus Houses & Apartments

  • The Basics

    Union has a limited number of houses, duplexes and apartments which are available to faculty/staff and eligible students. These are conveniently located around the perimeter of the university campus. In most cases, tenants are responsible for paying their own gas, electricity, and water service. A security deposit equal to one-month's rent per unit is required in advance once a student has been accepted for rental housing. Rent for university-owned housing is charged each month to the student's account and will be considered, just as is dormitory room rent, when making your financial plan with the college.

    NOTE:  Residence halls are managed by Residential Life and supervised by Student Life.

    For Current Tenants: Summer Storage Hold Request Form  NOTE:  It's easier to login to uGroups separately before clicking this link!

  • Eligibility

    All Union students must be approved to live "off campus" by the Office of Student Life. In this case, "off campus" means any dwelling other than a residence hall. However, Union campus housing is considered to be "on campus" due to its ownership and location. Housing that is not a residence hall or campus housing is also called "village".

    For further information go to To apply to live in non-residence hall housing, complete the "Housing" section in your online registration checklist.

    Click here to see the 3 Steps to Apply information and instructions.

    * When no rental units are currently available, gaining Student Life approval and completing a Tenant Application will place your name on the waiting list. See "Apply" section below.

  • Disclaimer

    Gaining permission from the Office of Student Life or completing a tenant application for Campus Housing does not guarantee placement in a campus housing rental unit. Availability is limited. Applicants are also urged to personally inspect the unit prior to signing the rental agreement or moving in.

  • Cooper Place Apartments

    Located at the corner of S. 52nd St. and Cooper Ave. in Lincoln, these units are available only to Union students. Apartments are all electric. Amenities include: central heating and air; washer/dryer in each unit; large kitchens with glass top stove/self cleaning oven, full-size self-defrosting fridge, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and microwave; ceiling fans; free wired Internet connection through the university network; large bedroom(s) and living room; carpet and miniblinds; and private parking lot. Most two-bedroom units also have two bathrooms.

  • Apply  For a Vacant Unit or the Waiting List

    Please select a vacant unit below to submit an application for that unit. When no unit is available or you would prefer a different unit, please follow the "Waiting List" link.

    Click here to add your name to the waiting list.

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