A thriving campus includes you.

Staff, you matter so much to the life and wellness of the Union College campus. Thank you for your many contributions.

This group is a place to support your refueling and development through staff resources and training opportunities.

Staff Opportunities

Did you know about these opportunities for employees of Union College?

Calling Retreat

New employees are eligible to attend free of charge a two-day retreat. Watch for announcements for this opportunity. You won’t regret this experience to discover your true calling.


A multi-day professional development opportunity that occurs annually every August where the entire campus comes together for information and workshops.

CPR Certification

Union College Staff Members are able to take a virtual learning CPR course and complete their skills test for certification on campus.

Departmental Training

Each department has its own budget for conference attendance. Visit with your chair or supervisor for opportunities you may be eligible to attend.

Free Class

As an employee, both you and your spouse are eligible to take a class tuition-free, up to four hours each semester. See Human Resources or Records for an application form.


A virtual professional development opportunity with a variety of topics available to all employees through the Title III grant. (See info to access below.)

Staff Community Sessions

Monthly opportunities for staff to build relationships and grow professionally. Watch the calendar for upcoming sessions!

CliftonStrengths Assessment

We are a Strength-based campus, and all employees are encouraged to take this assessment offered through Gallup. See Human Resources for a code to take the assessment for free!

Strengths Coaching

All employees are offered a 1-hour strengths session with certified coach Tim Simon. This session is designed to discuss how you can use your CliftonStrengths report and "Top 5" talents in your role at Union College.

Tips & Tools Sessions

Various departments plan an on-campus learning opportunities from experts on campus with topics such as managing and supervising others, wellness tips, updates on the latest technology, etc. The topics change frequently so watch for announcements.

New Employee Mentoring

As a new employee at Union, you are paired with another individual to mentor you through your first year which includes free lunches.

Orientation / Onboarding

This development opportunity begins at the start of your employment by connecting you to various resources on campus and continues with ongoing development events within your department.


Ready to pursue professional development related to your role in higher education? Go2Knowledge provides a library full of live and on-demand webinars that you can watch from wherever!

How to access your free professional development library:

1. Go to: www.go2knowledge.com/ucollegelincoln

2. Create your account: username and password

3. Already a User? Simply click 'sign-in'

Check out the following trainings at Go2Knowledge:









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