Volunteering Opportunities

Big Sisters of America

Location: Dependent on your match.
About Big Brothers Big Sisters: Volunteers hang out with kids (ages 5-18) two to three times a month. A Big Brother or Big Sister will be matched with one child and will hopefully cultivate a lasting relationship.
Volunteer opportunities: Activities are flexible and can be creative– common ones include bowling, movies, doing homework, going out to eat, playing games, or anything else volunteers think of.
How to volunteer: Fill out a volunteer application.
How to contact: 402-464-2227
Website: https://www.bbbs.org/about-us/

Bryan Health

Location: 1600 S 48th St (Bryan East) & 2300 S 16th St (Bryan West)
About Bryan Health: It is one of the local hospitals that provides many different types of medical services.
Volunteer opportunities: Volunteers may assist with office duties, delivering items to patients, and providing emotional support to patients and their families.
How to volunteer: Fill out the volunteer form and check out the website for other requirements.
How to contact: 402-481-1111
Website: https://www.bryanhealth.com/volunteer/

Center for People in Need

Location: 3901 N. 27th St
About Center for People in Need: Assist low-income families by equipping them with the resources they need to be more successful.
Volunteer opportunities: Volunteers distribute food, diapers, and other necessary items. Help teach educational classes that teach important life skills.
How to volunteer: Submit your information and they will contact you.
How to contact: 402-476-4357
Website: https://www.cfpin.org

Clinic with a Heart

Location: 1701 S 17th St, Suite 4G
About Clinic with a Heart: Provides free healthcare to anyone who would benefit from it.
Volunteer opportunities: Volunteers serve as interpreters, receptionists, patient form completers, vital documenters, and intake and discharge volunteers.
How to volunteer: Email Deepa Buss
How to contact: deepa@clinicwithaheart.org or 402-499- 6470
Website: https://www.clinicwithaheart.org

Friendship Home

Location: Undisclosed location
About Friendship Home: Provide emergency relief and serves as a transitional shelter for women and children who are escaping from abusive situations. They also provide counseling and other services that will empower them.
Volunteer opportunities: There are many opportunities to work with kids who've experienced trauma. Volunteers also assist with cleaning and preparing the homes for women and children who are arriving.
How to volunteer: Contact through email or by calling.
How to contact: raineyk@friendshiphome.org or 402-437-9367
Website: https://friendshiphome.org/

Habitat for Humanity

Location: 1615 Orchard St, Lincoln, NE 68503
About Habitat for Humanity: They build or renovate homes for individuals in need.
Volunteer opportunities: Groups of volunteers are able to build homes for families in need. Volunteers can also assist with their Restore project to help stock, rearrange, and assist customers in their warehouse.
How to volunteer: Contact either via email or phone
How to contact: habitat@lincolnhabitat.org or 402-477-9184 Ext 2
Website: https://www.habitat.org


Location: 10130 South 222nd St, Gretna, NE 68028
About HETRA: They provide Adaptive Riding and Hippotherapy to individuals with physical or mental handicaps.
Volunteer opportunities: Session volunteer: work with physical and occupational therapists as they work with disabled individuals.
Maintenance volunteer: grooming, cleaning stalls, and other various chores. Greeter Volunteers sign up for weekly shifts and welcome guests to the facility.
How to volunteer: Sign up for a facility tour to begin the volunteering process.
How to contact: HETRA@HETRA.org or 402-359-8830
Website: https://hetra.org/volunteer/individual-opportunities.html#session_volunteer

Lincoln Bike Kitchen

Location: 1635 South 1st St, Lincoln, NE 68502
About Lincoln Bike Kitchen: Restore old bicycles to donate them to individuals in need.
Volunteer opportunities: Greeting customers, assisting with form completion, helping with repairs, and keeping the facility clean are typical volunteer tasks.
How to volunteer: Show up during shop hours posted on the website.
How to contact: info@lincolnbikekitchen.org
Website: http://www.lincolnbikekitchen.org

Lincoln's Children Museum

Location: 1420 P St, Lincoln, NE 68508
About Lincoln's Children Museum: A children's museum that inspires children to become engaged and learn in fun, creative ways.
Volunteer opportunities: Volunteers help with special events, daily tasks, and camps.
How to volunteer: Fill out the volunteer application form.
How to contact: volunteers@lincolnchildrensmuseum.org or 407-477-4000 Ext. 105
Website: https://lincolnchildrensmuseum.org

Lincoln Lighthouse

Location: 2601 N St Lincoln, NE 68510
About Lincoln Lighthouse: An after school program that offers teenagers fun activities, a meal, and assistance with homework.
Volunteer opportunities: Volunteers help prepare meals, tutor kids, teach a fun class, and socialize with the kids.
How to volunteer: Contact Falah Al-Hirez at the email or phone number below.
How to contact: falah.alhirez@lincolnlighthouse.org or 402-475-3220
Website: https://lincolnlighthouse.org/volunteers

Lincoln Parks & Recreation

Location: (mailing address) 3130 O St, Suite 30, Lincoln, NE 68510
About Lincoln Parks & Recreation: Their goal is to conserve the beauty and nature found locally in Nebraska.
Volunteer opportunities: Volunteers coach youth, assist with park maintenance, and many other options depending on the season.
How to volunteer: Complete the form or download and email them the completed form.
How to contact: parksvolunteer@lincoln.ne.gov
Website: https://app.lincoln.ne.gov/city/parks/volunteer/

Malone Center

Location: 2032 U St, Lincoln, NE 68503
About Lincoln Lighthouse: Strive to eliminate racial disparities by educating, providing necessary support to communities in need, encouraging youth to be engaged and lead, and providing athletic outlets for youth.
Volunteer opportunities: Volunteers assist with completing the initiatives found on their website.
How to volunteer: Contact using the following information.
How to contact: 402-474-1110
Website: https://malonecenter.org

Matt Talbot Soup Kitchen

Location: 2121 N 27th St, Lincoln, NE 68503
About Matt Talbot Soup Kitchen: They provide hot meals twice a day to anyone who needs it.
Volunteer opportunities: Volunteers help prepare and serve meals.
How to volunteer: Fill out the form.
How to contact: victoria.oneil@mtko.org or 402-477-4116
Website: https://www.mtko.org/hunger_relief/


Location: Dependent on your match.
About NeighborLNK: The volunteers get matched with an individual who is either elderly or has disabilities that cause them to be homebound.
Volunteer opportunities: Volunteers spend quality time with them and assist with running errands.
How to volunteer: Fill out the information packet and email it to them.
How to contact: NeighborLNK@lincoln.ne.gov or 402-441-7575
Website: https://app.lincoln.ne.gov/city/mayor/aging/neighborlnk/volunteer.htm#nLNK

People City Mission

     Shelter- 110 Q St
     Help Center- 6800 P St
     Free Clinic- 401 North 2nd St
About People City Mission: Their goal is to provide for individuals in need and the homeless by taking care of their basic needs including food, lodging, and healthcare.
Volunteer opportunities: 
     Shelter opportunities: Child care, kitchen assistant, class instructor, office help & organization
     Help Center opportunities: Warehouse or shopping assistant
     Free Clinic opportunities: Be a part of the office team or the medical team (medical, dental, mental, and chiropractic)
How to volunteer: Fill out the form found on their website.
How to contact: volunteer@pcmlincoln.org or 402-475-1303 Ext. 114
Website: https://pcmlincoln.org/individuals/

Shepherd's Rest Sheep & Goat Rescue

Location: 426 W Cedar Rd, Pickrell, NE 68422
About The Goat Rescue: The owners rescue, rehabilitate, and provide a new home for local goats and sheep that are abandoned.
Volunteer opportunities: Volunteers assist with feeding, cleaning up, farm maintenance, and socializing the baby goats.
How to volunteer: Contact the facility and set up a time to tour the farm.
How to contact: shepherdsrestrescue@gmail.com or 402-580-5299
Website: https://www.shepherdsrestrescue.com

Special Olympics

Location: 9427 F St, Omaha, NE 68127
About Special Olympics: Provide individual and team sport activities for individuals with mental or physical handicaps.
Volunteer opportunities: Volunteer once at a tournament or game or regularly volunteer by assisting the handicapped individuals during practices and games.
How to volunteer: Fill out the volunteer form
How to contact: info@sone.org or 402-331-5545 ext. 20
Website: https://www.sone.org

The Cat House

Location: 3633 O St, Lincoln, NE 68510
About The Cat House: It is a no kill shelter and adoption facility for cats.
Volunteer opportunities: Volunteers assist with cleaning the adoption site, feeding, socializing, and fostering kitties.
How to volunteer: Fill out the volunteer application.
How to contact: volunteer@thecathouse.org or 402-441-9593
Website: http://thecathouse.org/volunteer/

YWCA– Take a Break

Location: 1701 S 17th St, Suite 2E
About Take a Break: A program that allows guardians of children on the autism spectrum to 'take a break' every other Friday.
Volunteer opportunities: Volunteers will spend time with the kids by playing games, doing crafts, and going on short field trips.
How to volunteer: Fill out the form.
How to contact: tab@ywcalincoln.org or 402-434-3494
Website: https://www.ywcalincoln.org/programs_services/tab/


Opportunities For Different Programs

- Host a free sports clinic
      > YWCA–Take a Break.
      > Lincoln Lighthouse
- Special Olympics
- Volunteer at Huskers' Games
- Lincoln Bike Kitchen
- Lincoln Parks & Recreation


- Malone Center
- Big brothers Big Sisters of America
- Friendship Home
- NeighborLNK


- Bryan Health
- Clinic with a Heart
- People City Mission (medical clinic)
- Health & wellness presentations
      > People City Mission
      > Friendship Home
      > Malone Center
      > Center for People in Need


- Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
- Lincoln Lighthouse
- Lincoln's Children Museum
- Special Olympics


- Habitat for Humanity
- Investing/Finance presentations
      > People City Mission
      > Friendship Home
      > Malone Center
      > Center for People in Need
- Help nonprofit organizations market their products

Graphic Design

- Create advertisements and posters for any of these non-profit organizations


- Special Olympics
- YWCA–Take a Break
- NeighborLNK

Social Work

- NeighorLNK
- Friendship Home
- Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
- Lincoln Lighthouse
- Malone Center
- Center for People in Need