From: David Kabanje
Date: March 10
Subject: GMU: Life Storms

Life Storms 

Beautiful People,

Have you ever woken up with a song stuck in your head? I woke up with the following lyrics, "Keep your hand in the master's hand 'Til your soul's been anchored in Jesus' name Filled within, free from sin, you've got to be born again." The storms of life have a great way of challenging our anchors. Life storms bring an unhealthy dose of uncertainty. They mess up plans and flood our minds with doubt, fear, and anxiety. As I watch the news and digest the information regarding the war in Ukraine, my anchor sways. Life storms have a way of revealing the caliber and durability of our anchors. If the anchors (faith) of our lives are not in Jesus, they are subject to change.

There is no question that life is difficult, and unfortunately, that difficulty level continues to rise each day. We need a faithful anchor that is not unacquainted with the hardships of this sinful life and one that has a plan to end all life storms. Our brothers and sisters in Ukraine have courageously taught us how to hold on to the anchors of faith and hope during hardships. Faith and hope in Jesus give us the courage to face any storm for two reasons; He is a consistent help in trouble, and He has a plan to eradicate all storms so that it will be well with our souls for eternity. The blessed hope of Christ is that we don't have to wait until His return to experience this peace. At this very moment, Heaven is ready to pour its peace into our war-torn hearts. All that is required is to keep our hands in the Master's hand.