From: David Kabanje
Date: October 13, 2021
Subject: GMU: Foolish vs Wise

Foolish vs Wise 

Good morning Beautiful People! 

Our behavior reflects our identity. What makes an identity? Is it nature, nurture, core beliefs, or dispositions? Today I argue that our identity is the summation of nature, nurture, and ascribed principles. The parable of the wise and foolish builder in Matthew 7:24-27 illustrates the importance of a proper foundation on which to build one’s identity. Both builders took a considerable amount of time and resources to build their houses. In the same fashion, we take a significant amount of time and resources to develop our character; however, the question remains, what principles are you building your life on?
 The spiritual application is genius and alludes to the spiritual battle we all face, a struggle that calls for our time and effort. Each day, I choose to either build my identity on worldly foundations and principles or the Word of God. What is interesting about God’s Word is that it brings life! When God spoke in Genesis, His words brought into existence a perfect world. If God can make the world through His Word, the logical conclusion is that He can remake our identities to reflect His character. When I build my life on the words of Jesus, I am wise, and I come alive. Friends, you will never find the most authentic version of yourself until you make Jesus your foundation.    

I pray that we take the time and effort to build our lives on the words of Jesus Christ instead of the terms of the world.  

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