From: Rich Carlson
Date: November 13, 2020
Subject: It's November 13; Good Morning Union

“But as for me, it is good to be near God.”    Psalm 73:28

Yesterday was a hard day for a variety of reasons which don’t need to concern any of you. I got up this morning looking for something to bolster my spirits. Remember when I suggested that if you can’t find any other place to turn with God’s word try reading the Psalm for the day or the Proverb for the day? And remember when I said if you want to read the psalms through in a month just read the psalm of the day and then every 30th psalm after that? Well, that’s what it came to for me! I read Psalm 13, 43, and 73 stopped me and gave me what I needed to kickstart the day. Thank you Jesus!

It starts out pretty negative and I was relating quite well; then it turns to the hope that David had EVEN IN his discouragement. “I tried to understand all this and it was oppressive to me,” said David (and felt I), “UNTIL I entered the sanctuary of God.” Vs 17 The real problems in life are really only solved in the presence of God. David’s commitment to God comes in vs 23, where he says to God, “in spite of how I feel, Yet I am always with you,” and the reasons he gives for his faithfulness to his Father are:

  1. "You hold me by my right hand"- everyone needs a hand to hold sometimes; it might as well be God's because there are no safer hands to be in
  2. "You guide me with your counsel"- everyone needs some guidance sometimes; it might as well be God's because there is no wiser one to lead me
  3. "And afterwards You will take me to glory"- everyone needs hope sometimes; it might as well be from God because His guarantee is that He will see me through to victory
  4. "You are the strength of my heart"- everyone needs strength from someone; it might as well be from God because no one is stronger

And he ends his psalm with, “It is good to be near you God.”

God came through AGAIN, just as He promises, even when, or maybe especially when I am faithful to him no matter the circumstances. I pray that you also can find the evidence of God’s faithfulness even in, or especially in your tough times through your commitment to be faithful to Him no matter what.

Have a great day in faithfulness to God,

Pastor Rich

Quote for the day:      “Why do birds fly south in the winter?.... because it’s too far to walk.”

PS        Virtual Family Worship @ 7:30. Watch our Fine Arts “Christmas/Thanksgiving” concert, on line as we support our fellow classmates in this unique approach to praising God at this Thanksgiving time, even in the middle of this pandemic. Watch it live on UTV

PPS      Afterglo this week will be a chance for you to discover the joy of curling up in your bed with a blanket and a good book and just relaxing, and maybe even going to bed early. Now THAT’S a concept worth considering!