From: Rich Carlson
Date: October 29, 2019
Subject: It's October 29; Good Morning Union

“But be sure you…”     1 Samuel 10:24

The “I want a king” theme came up again this morning as I continued reading the story of Samuel. Chapter 10 of the book of 1 Samuel is his farewell speech as his life comes to an end. He’d given his best shot at leading God’s people as one of the final judges, but it appears like he felt a little “shot at” in the process, believing he had failed them because they kept asking for a king. Even though God assured him that they were not taking pot shots at him and his leadership but were in fact taking those shots at God Himself and His leadership.

So Samuel comes to the end of a rocky and yet righteous road and he sums things up for the people of God—“I’m going to confront you with the evidence,” he says in verse seven. “I’m going to remind you of ALL the righteous deeds the Lord has performed for you and your ancestors.” And he did just that, ending with, “But no, you wanted a king, even though the Lord has been your King all along!”

“Now you’re going to have to see the consequences of your poor priorities, SO THAT you will realize the results of your poor choices and priorities,” which just happens to be, in varying degrees, the same answer God gives to me when I need it. And God sent a thunderstorm right at harvest time, which spoiled the harvest and sliced a big hole in their bag of self-security! “We have no food! We’re going to die!” Sometimes God has to bring me to the place of disaster because it’s apparently the only place I will stop trying to fix everything my way and return to Him and let Him be King again! Crisis is usually the only catalyst for change!

And NOW, my verse for this morning! “Don’t be afraid,” concludes Samuel. Yea, right? Don’t be afraid? The crops are gone and so is my hope of life. “Don’t be afraid,” says Samuel. “You may have done all this evil, but be sure you DON’T TURN AWAY FROM THE LORD!” No matter who I think is the king of my life, the Lord is STILL the real King! And here is Samuel’s solution:

  1. “Serve the LORD with all your heart
  2. Do not turn away after useless idols (other “kings?!”)
  3. Respect the Lord
  4. Consider what great things He has done for you.”

No matter who or what I try to place on the throne of my life, the Lord is still the King. He’ll let me mess with my priorities until I have messed everything up if necessary. And then He will remind me that serving Him, following Him, respecting Him as King of my life, and remembering all the good He has done in my life can help me place Him back on the throne. I can try lots of other ways with lots of other “kings” until my best shot usually just shoots me in the foot! Then I come to my senses and remember that God’s ways are still the best ways!

Have a great day keeping the Lord on your throne,
Pastor Rich


Quote for the day: “Your ego has no amigo!” ESPN sportscaster

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