From: Rich Carlson
Date: September 23, 2020
Subject: It's September 23; Good Morning Union

“Only be careful and watch yourselves closely…”     Deuteronomy 4:9

The final book of Moses was, according to historians, Biblical scholars, and confirmed in the text itself, probably was written in the 40th year of the forty years of the children of Israel’s wandering in the wilderness. The word chosen as the title of the book really means “second law,” and appears to be Moses’ “last will and testament” so to speak after leading God’s people all the way from captivity in Egypt to potential freedom back in their homeland. Moses dies at the end of this book and Joshua will take over and actually “bring them home,” so, as he sums up those years what’s the final things he wants to share with the people he had given his life to?

One of the repeated themes I see as I read this book could be summarized with words like, “remember,” or “don’t forget.” They’d been through a lot in those 4 decades. Of all the people who left Egypt, only he, Caleb, and Joshua remain and he’s about to die. So what was his message as things are coming to an end for him?

“Be careful and watch yourselves closely SO THAT you don’t forget the things your eyes have seen or let them slip from your hearts as long as you live. Teach them to your children and their children after them.”  This “don’t forget…” was a specific reference to their victory from Balak and Balaam, among other things, as a reminder that God WAS with them. He has already said in the first three chapter of this book multiple times, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll take care of you.” A LOT was about to happen, most of which would frighten anyone, but God’s continual command was “Don’t be afraid--- only remember.”

Good advice as we’re going through our viral wilderness right now and are facing the “perfect storm” with all that is going on in our world and our society. No matter what, I need to “NOT be afraid,” because God still promises He will be with me. And I need, no matter what the distractions in life might be, to “remember.” Remember His promises and remember His leading in the past. He’s never failed me yet, and I believe He never will. Focus, focus, focus.

Have a great day looking back so you can look forward with confidence,

Pastor Rich

Quote for the day:      “To trust God in the light is nothing, but to trust Him in the dark--- that is faith.”            Charles Spurgeon