From: Rich Carlson
Date: January 28, 2021
Subject: It's January 28; Good Morning Union

Luke 14


“…but the one who humbles himself will be exalted.”          Vs11


Today’s chapter in Luke is full of practical life lessons from Jesus to those seeking to follow Him. Though practical, they are also quite challenging as I continue to be reminded that my spiritual journey is not just an optional way to consider but a definite change of direction with a commitment to not be distracted by the convenient. Here are some of the lessons I learned this morning:

  1. It’s ok to have Sabbath lunch with the Pharisees, as hypocritical and sinful as they were, because it’s not about filling my stomach as much as have an opportunity to share Jesus with those who might be searching
  2. It’s ok to do good on the Sabbath. I may not be able to heal a person’s body, but I can help heal their heart with words and acts of encouragement and kindness.
  3. It’s not ok to seek honor for myself. That might just backfire and end up in embarrassment. If I’m really that great, let someone else recognize that.
  4. It’s not ok, when Jesus invites me to His banqueting table, to make excuses, even good excuses. I may end up just having the “good” I hung onto rather than the “best” He was offering me.
  5. It’s not ok to love even my family more than I love Jesus. I don’t have to hate them (I think that’s a poor choice of word in some translations. It seems more accurately expressed as “love less” not “hate.”) I just need to be sure that I don’t love anything more than I love God.
  6. It’s ok to sit down with myself and Jesus and weigh the evidence, ask questions, do my best to “count the cost” of following Jesus, because He’s not afraid of being evaluated so that I make the best decision I can. But when I do this I need to be sure that I am really trying to understand what He is offering over what I have to offer, SO THAT I can be sure that I am truly following Him and not someone’s interpretation of Him or my manipulation of Him.

There is a cost to being a disciple of Jesus, but the reward far exceeds the cost. When I can see clearly that the “cost” is simply getting rid of anything that keeps me from Him, I can contrast that with the option of settling for a reward of this world and all its mess. When I am willing to focus on His reward I get eternity with an anchor and a focal point thrown in, while I live on this earth until He comes. Pretty good deal I’d say!


Have a great day counting the cost and choosing the best,

Pastor Rich


Quote for the day:      “How comforting it is to know that when I am overwhelmed, God is not. When I'm confused, He is clear and calm. When all my prayers are, “hey, I don’t even know what to pray so I’m just going to sit here with You for a while,” He is near. And that's enough for me.”       Brittany Thacker

PS        uGather- 10:30am in the church. Join us each week as we come together as a Union College family to build community and fellowship with God and His word. This week Michael Halfhill, lead pastor at the Piedmont Park Church, will share with us. If you’ve been here long enough you may remember the last time he amazed us with who’s the head in a marriage!


PPS      Food for the lady in need! I feel like Moses when he asked the people to bring their resources to build the sanctuary and he had to tell them to stop giving they had so much. We’re still in support of you bringing your food items through today but stop by Campus Ministries and see what YOU all have already given!! YOU’RE AMAZING!!! If any of you have a few minutes to help us at 12: 30 today we’re going to load everything up in Dr Becker’s pick up truck and deliver everything to the lady in need. There is so much we might divide it and help another family we have hear of that is struggling. I’m trusting all you donors won’t mind. Thanks again for all your kindness. If you want to help us load it up stop by Campus Ministries at 12:30 today.