From: Rich Carlson
Date: May 4, 2020
Subject: It's May 4; Good Morning Union

Today is brought to you by the letter "X"

Xceeding great and precious promises have been give to us so that through them we might become partakers of His divine nature and escape the corruption that is in the world through impure passions.”            2 Peter 1:4

Pretty creative “X” word, right?! Promises have a purpose; they assure me of what God is capable of and encourage me in my journey toward the kingdom. They provide me “evidence” when my faith may not see the possibilities, and remind me that HE’S got my back so I don’t have to worry. They uplift me with HIS potential in my life.

They are, according to Peter, “Xceedingly great and precious.” Not just “great and precious,” but Xceedingly great and precious. And they are given to me SO THAT:

  1. “I can become a partaker in His divine nature” and
  2. “I can escape the corruption in this world”

Nature is more who I am than what I do. My life can get corrupted with the junk this world throws at me, and sometimes I get “corrupted” by my poor choices. All that distracts me from the promises of God and from realizing HIS potential in my life. I can miss God because I mess with the world or it messes with me!

God has two wishes or desires for me today, that I escape the junk SO THAT I can more clearly experience the joy of becoming, in my nature, in my very being, a part of Him. And He does it through His “Xceeding great and precious promises!”

Have a great day finding His promises for you today,

Pastor Rich


Quote for the day:

“If Adam knew God as a beloved Father
if Eve knew Him as the original Homemaker,
if Noah knew Him as the Refuge from the storm,
if Abraham knew Him as a Friend,
if Moses knew Him as the Redeemer,
if Rahab knew Him as the gracious Savior,
if David knew Him as his Shepherd,
if Elijah knew Him as the Almighty,
if Daniel knew Him as the Lion Tamer,
if Mary Magdalene knew Him as the Bondage Breaker,
if Martha knew Him as the Promise Keeper,

if Lazarus knew Him as the Resurrection and the Life,
if Bartimaeus knew Him as the Light of the World,

if John knew Him as the glorious King upon the throne,
surely you and I can know Him too!”

Hymn with an “X”

            “Gloria In ‘X’celsis Deo”


And new for test week,- A funny for the day!

People are using the word lockdown because they don't know how to spell kwarinteen.

PS        Success on your tests. I’ll be praying for you