From: Rich Carlson
Date: April 12, 2019
Subject: It's April 12; Good Morning Union

“There is more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over 99 who need no repentance.”        Luke 15:7

I return the theme of joy, AND the irony of Luke’s contrasting conclusion. First the joy! I’m enjoying more and more the “Pentecostal” view of heaven that keeps growing in my mind. My heavenly mental images used to be white robes, harps (because they are quiet instruments, nature walks (in the silence of nature), and angels bowing their heads in reverence before the King of the universe. My verse for today reminded me that maybe heaven should not be compared to the silence of a retirement center at 9pm, or the quietness of the General Conference building during work hours (I mean that as a compliment to their diligence and work ethic, but wow, it’s SOOO quiet as you walk the halls—I think I’d go nuts! You’d understand if you stopped by Campus Ministries at almost ANY time during the day!) There is JOY in heaven EVERY TIME someone repents, which means, as I look at demographic studies on church growth internationally, that there is JOY in heaven ALL THE TIME. JOY, HAPLPINESS, EXCITEMENT, dare I say an celestial party EVERY TIME a sinner repents!! I like a joyful heaven both for the atmosphere and the cause for all that joy!

And now the contrasting conclusion of my text—WHO are the “99 who need no repentance?” I didn’t think anyone existed, except Jesus, who “needed no repentance!” I think the contrast is for effect so I’m not cancelling my subscription to God’s word! I’ll just stick with the idea that EVERYONE has the potential of creating a celebration in heaven!!

Have a great day enjoying and creating heaven’s joy,

Pastor Rich


Quote for the day:      “If only the “saints” would be more saintly and God’s grace would make us more gracious!”

PS        LAST DAY, Campus Ministries is collecting data that will help us know how we are doing this year and what we can do next year that will help create the best environment for you to connect with Jesus. PLEASE take the survey that will be receiving. It will only take a few minutes. Thank you in advance. Here’s the link in case you miss it

PS        Union College Gospel Choir practice 3:30pm CVC Heartland Hall C. All are welcome if you like to sing!!

PPS      Family Worship- Ashley is preparing a program of music and the word by Pastor Guadelupe from the church. See you at 8:00!! We’re moving ½ later for the rest of the school year since sundown is so late now.

PPPS   Afterglo- Sandy and her friends from Human Development will provide our post Family Worship Fellowship