From: Rich Carlson
Date: January 28, 2020
Subject: It's January 28; Good Morning Union

“Above all, love each other deeply…”            1 Peter 4:8

A couple years ago one of our peers in college chaplaining gave us each a t-shirt. On the front is a “target” and the words, “Chaplain America!” And below the symbol is says, “1 Peter 4:8-11. That stirred my interest enough to look that verse up, and when I read it I decided it was worth fixing in my memory because it so clearly and concisely describes life as a Christian.

  1. “Above all, love each other deeply.” Why? “because love covers a multitude of sins.”
  2. “Offer hospitality to one another—without grumbling!”
  3. “Use whatever gifts you have to serve others.” In doing so you will be “faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”
  4. “If you speak, do it as one speaking the very words of God.”
  5. “If you serve, do it with the strength God provides.”

“And do all this SO THAT in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To HIM be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.”

I like all five parts- love deeply (and cover a multitude of sins!); be hospitable (without grumbling); speak like God; serve with the power of God. But I liked the “faithfully administering God’s grace” part most this morning as I reviewed this text. By using whatever I have to serve others I will be the faithful administrator of God’s grace. No matter what form that service takes or what gifts I have to offer, if I use them I become God’s administrator of His grace.

If it’s God’s grace that saves me (and I believe it is) and He calls me to share His good news with others (which I believe He has,) then here’s one way to do it. I just use whatever I have to serve. That makes me the administrator of His grace!! Pretty cool I think!

Have a great day being God’s administrator,

Pastor Rich


Quote for the day:      “Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.”


PS        Red Cross blood drive in the Atrium today!! Share a pint; save a life!

PPS      Christ on Demand- 7:30pm in Rees Hall Chapel. Join Amber and friends for 30 minutes of praise and the Word.