From: David Kabanje
Date: October 19, 2021
Subject: GMU: The Happiest People on Plant Earth are SALTY

Salty People 

Beautiful People, 

God is intentionally invested in us and has given us a ministry of reconciliation. The word reconciliation invokes vulnerability, courage, restoration, and a call to action. We live in such a divisive time; however, God has peppered the salt of reconciliation into the world, and that salt is you. Salt is a catalyst for reconciliation. Our sweet Lord and Savior designated the properties of salt as a defining attribute of a Chrisitan. What are these attributes? Salt is a preservative of good things. The power, love, and righteousness of Christ provide us the ability to preserve the good around us; this includes our relationships.

Friends, it is Christ’s goodness that not only preserves us but also reconciles a broken world back to our Abba-Father. GOD USES US to reconcile broken relationships and communities. In other words, the most loving and healing people on planet earth should be us! How do we become these agents of healing and reconciliation? By giving ourselves wholeheartedly to God. Here is a declarative statement of truth, healing, and reconciliation are only possible through Christ.  

Let us be agents of healing and reconciliation!