From: David Kabanje
Date: September 21, 2021
Subject: GMU from Marcia Nordmeyer

Cherry Coke 

This summer I visited The Religion Teacher and downloaded some free resources to use with our summer reading program that we did in the library. Adorable Bible story skits for kids, if you’re curious. As I clicked and downloaded what I needed, I unintentionally subscribed to the website’s email list. I don’t read every single email, however, a message from mid-September hit me right in the heart. The author had asked his audience (other religion teachers) to email him with their broad goals for the new school year, and he shared a few. The last reader-submitted goal he shared is as follows:

"I am overwhelmed trying to make religion more like Cherry Coke at our school and less like the cherry on top. I want it to be inside everything we teach."

Ok, wow.

If your experience is identical to mine, you will recall a private religious education. If you had any *gasp* non-Adventist friends who **double gasp** went to public school, you’d describe your school kind of like, “It’s just school. We just have a Bible class and pray as a group sometimes.” And there’s my cherry on top.

I didn’t always look and listen for Cherry Coke moments but in hindsight, they were there. Maybe really hard to see through the politics and bureaucracy some days, but they were there. Does that sound familiar?

Today I challenge you to intentionally look for, and be, a delicious Cherry Coke today. Caffeine-free, if you must.


P.S. We love to hear your stories because your stories matter, beautiful people! If you feel impressed to send in a devotional, please do so! Your story is needed and wanted! What has God done for you? I would love to hear about your journey (PK)!