From: Rich Carlson
Date: February 14, 2020
Subject: It's February 14; Good Morning Union

“I hope in the Lord Jesus to send Timothy to you soon.”       Philippians 2:19

Paul wasn’t in to sending valentines; he sent valued friends instead! I actually read this little section of Paul’s letter this morning and concluded there was nothing to share in it, until I remembered that it was Valentine’s Day today- a day set aside to say “I love you,” usually through things like cards and candy. It’s fine to celebrate in this way; Paul however, shared something even greater than cards and candy; he shared comfort and support through companionship.

Remember, Paul is in Rome as a prisoner and the people he loved do dearly were in Philippi in northeast Greece. Eventually they got this letter, but in the meantime, according to 2:19-30, Paul send friends—trusted friends- proven friends- faithful friends, that could do more than just say “thinking of you.” They brought the love and commitment of this faithful follower of Jesus to the people he had given his life for.

Two guys, Timothy and Epaphroditus, whom Paul described as:

            Taking a genuine interest in your welfare

            Looking out not for themselves but for the interests of Jesus

            Proven to be faithful

            Serving the gospel faithfully

            Fellow workers, brothers, and soldiers for Jesus

            Willing to sacrifice their lives for you and the gospel

            Willing to risk their lives in order to take care of the needs of God’s people.

Then Paul says, “Welcome them with great joy and honor them and those like them.”

So I decided, at the risk of appearing to be a Valentine Scrooge, I’m not going to send any cards or candy today; instead I’m going to recommit myself to being a Timothy and/or an Epaphroditus to those God, rather than Paul, sends me to.

Have a great day BEING God’s valentine to someone today,
Pastor Rich

Quote for the day:       "Gossip dies when it hits a wise person's ears."           Unknown


PS        Tonight for Family Worship we will be blessed in praise and worship by a group called “Contagious Faith.” Join us in the church @ 7:30 for the lighting of the Sabbath candle and the blessings God has for us as we give His day back to Him.

PPS      Afterglo follows Family Worship and will be hosted by Isaiah and his Nursing friends

PPPS    Calling all human development majors!! Come out TODAY to the Human Development Division from 9am to 1pm to participate in a scavenger hunt. There will be the option for two winners to whoever finds the golden prize that is hidden. Winner receives a 10 dollar gift card to Starbucks. Come out and find some gold! Sponsored by Amber, our Campus Ministries Liaison to the Human Development Division.


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