From: Rich Carlson
Date: February 2, 2021
Subject: It's February 2; Good Morning Union

Luke 17


“If he repents seven times, forgive him seven times.”          Vs 4


Jesus seems to keep getting more focused on His mission as He approaches His earthly ending. I saw three themes in His stories in this chapter:

  1. Forgiveness-
  2. Thankfulness
  3. Watchfulness


Bad things ARE going to come in this life because it’s still a spiritual battleground that is real. Bad things are going to happen. It’s inevitable. Jesus’ encouragement for me to get through it is two-fold in this chapter:

  1. Don’t cause it
  2. When it happens to me, be forgiving


Good things ARE also going to happen in this world, like in this chapter when Jesus heals 10 lepers. This disease, as interpreted by the masses of the day, was the ultimate curse which they believed was caused by sinning. Jesus was not only there to demonstrate physical but spiritual healing as well. His advice when good things happen:

  1. Don’t take it for granted
  2. Remember to say thank you


The promise IS that it’s going to end. The battle will be won, in fact it’s already been won by Jesus. As that victory gets played out in this life He asks me to be faithful, and if I am attentive to the evidence that though evil exists, God still wins, it will help me while waiting by doing two things:

  1. Don’t get distracted or deceived by earthly solutions to the spiritual battle
  2. Stay committed to His priorities, His solutions, and His promises


The world IS a mess because sin has messed it up--- be forgiving. God STILL provides solutions and help as I navigate the mess--- be thankful. Jesus HAS already won--- be watchful, and see both the reality of sin AND the reality of Jesus’ solution.


Have a great day balancing reality and hope,

Pastor Rich


Quote for the day:      Weakly Tips for Personal Growth: “Before we can think positively we must first stop thinking negatively.” Seth Martin      Active Mind's Chapter


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