From: David Kabanje
Date: August 31, 2021
Subject: GMU: Resilient Peace

Good morning, Astounding People!

As a Campus Ministries (CM) staff, we have decided to have a biweekly focus under our overarching theme—Wholehearted Pursuit!! For the next two weeks, our CM programs and devotionals will center on peace! We are calling it “Two Weeks of Peace!” As a part of this, we will use devotional plans from YouVersiosn Bible apps to add to our spiritual journey. If you haven’t downloaded the app, I highly suggest that you do! There are fantastic plans with various themes. The devotional plan we will follow for the next two weeks is “Peace: Life in the Spirit” by Oswald Chambers! Find it on the YouVersion App and start digesting some good thoughts like this one; “The source of peace is God, not myself; it never is my peace but always His, and if once He withdraws, it is not there” -Oswald Chambers.

Peace is a gift from God! In Hebrew, peace is Shalom which translates to completeness and a sound heart. Peace makes us whole, and when peace is gifted to another person, we make that relationship whole as well. God has given us peace—shalom, wholeness in Christi!  Guard it with the power of the Holy Spirit because the Devil aims to steal, kill, and destroy your peace. Be resilient in keeping your peace! Peace is not a mindset; it is a relationship with God that brings wholeness.

Have a great day experiencing peace.