From: David Kabanje
Date: December 10, 2021
Subject: GMU from Pr. Santi Fernandez



You may already know this but five women are mentioned in Jesus’ genealogy. Let’s look at the intentionality of God.


If you read through the story of Joseph in Genesis 37-he is sold off to Egypt and in that very climactic scene, an interruption occurs with Tamar’s story (Genesis 38). In a confusing plot, Tamar is identified as a prostitute by Judah.

Speaking of prostitutes, Rahab is the next interruption on the list. Rahab interrupts Jericho’s reign in Joshua 2 by renouncing her nationality. Ruth is another example of renouncing. Ruth has a way out of a “cursed” family. She has the moral right to return to her nation after the death of her husband. Instead, interrupts the life of a grieving widow and a rich man and becomes a foreigner. In 2 Samuel 10, our hero and Psalmist King David defeats the Ammonites and Syrians. While the story could have ended there, 2 Samuel 11, interrupts victory with the story of the unfaithful “wife of Uriah”. Bathsheba is an interruption unworthy of being named.


Finally, like the other women, Mary is seen as unfaithful, shameful, deceitful, and worthy of death. She fits the role as Joseph, her husband, conspires to put her away in secret. 


But notice the shift in narrative. 


Mary is not mentioned as merely a nameless wife of a man. Instead, Matthew is inspired to say Joseph is the husband of Mary. Mary is the protagonist, just as the other women are in their stories. God was intentional from the start— the same in the Old Testament as in the New Testament. 


Interruptions run deep in the family—setting the stage for the biggest interruption of all; Jesus. While Israel awaited for a King, an interruption occurs when a baby is born in a stable. No earthly lavish. While we as Christians fervently want God to act, God is stable. No earthly lavish.


What has interrupted your life lately? 


What narrative in your life needs to shift?


Jesus interrupts sin’s plan. Jesus shifts the narrative. Sin says you are “unfaithful” and even “worthy of death”. But Jesus interrupted this narrative about you and calls you. As you journey through this season remember Jesus as the author of your story. There may be no earthly lavish, but all is according to His plan. Allow Jesus to interrupt your life and lead you out of the false narratives, labels, and cycles that have been placed on you. Hear Jesus saying, “My sheep listen for my voice. I call my own by name and lead them out."