From: Rich Carlson
Date: April 29, 2021
Subject: It's April 29; Good Morning Union

“I KNOW that my Redeemer lives.”    Job 19:25


As I come to the end of my dad’s list of texts that I found on his desk just after he died, I must admit, this text stumped me for a while. Which “absolute” did it fit under? It could be several of them but probably the “absolute assurance” group fits it best. Job had a tough life; my dad had a tough life, especially his earlier years- parents dying when he was only 6-7, orphaned, abused, neglected, a run away, injured in the war at Pearl Harbor; and then he met mom, which probably was the first really good thing that happened to him!! He was a faithful and good father to us. He even mortgaged our home so we could go to college because he wanted something better for us than he had. He and mom sacrificed a LOT for us 4 boys.

He also lived this text in his life. He had an assurance of his standing with God before it was even popular or talked about. As he was dying I remember sitting by his bed talking to him, feeling the need, probably more for me than for him, for clarity and confirmation on his assurance of his standing with God. I said, “Dad, is everything good with you and God?” Without missing a beat he simply responded, “Of course,” and those were the last words my dad spoke to me. What a legacy of assurance I have to hold on to. What a model of faithfulness I have to follow. My dad KNEW that his Redeemer lives.

And that, my dear Union College friends, is what I hope and pray you take with you as this school year comes to an end. Besides friends and a career path, I pray that you find focus in God’s faithfulness and the privilege we each have to follow His calling in our lives. To know Him brings eternal rewards, and that reward will be literally out of this world!


Have a great day knowing that your Redeemer also lives specifically for you,

Pastor Rich


Quote for the day:      “If you can’t figure out how to be kind, figure out how to be quiet.”


PS        uGather- last one of the year and we’re ending with a bang. We have been trying to get David Asscherick to come to Union for 7 years. We finally made it on my last weekend as chaplain! Please don’t miss this most amazing speaker as you end your school year on a spiritual high.

PPS      Power Pac with David Asscherick- 7:00pm in the church.

PP..S    There is a family at Lenox Village Apartments that had some Union College students help them to move in a few years ago. Now they are doing a final move to Van Dorn Street near 120th. They are willing to compensate for time on Tuesday, May 11th, from 10:00am-2:00pm. I This is right after finals and graduation, but they really like Union students and if there are any still around Lincoln on that day and willing to help they would be really touched and appreciative. They are hoping for at least three or four to help. Call Pastor Rich if you are interested in helping.

PP..S    HeartScan forms need to be turned in to Campus Ministries this week. Thank you!


PP…S    Interested in helping with small groups or afterglo next year? Talk to Pastor Rich.