From: Rich Carlson
Date: August 13, 2020
Subject: It's August 13; Good Morning Union

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.” Proverbs 3: 5, 6

One more basic concept that I want to begin with as I navigate this first week of school. As I read God’s word it’s often helpful for me to look at words I usually take for granted, and try and find different words that help me understand what more it might be saying and help apply it more clearly in my life. This morning “Trust” stood out. What does it mean to trust? My this morning ah-ha application focused on “learning to wait for God’s timing.” That’s not easy because I usually want what I want and I want it right now. Waiting is not one of my gifts! I’m getting better at it though. So today my verse said to me, “Learn to wait for God and His timing (‘Trust in the Lord.’) This may take concerted effort (‘with all your heart.’) If I try and force my timing and ways on God it won’t turn out very well (‘lean not on your own understanding’), but if I consciously decide that God knows what He is doing (‘in all your ways acknowledge Him’), He’ll take me where I need to go when I need to go there (‘and He will direct your path.’)”

Have a great day “Trusting”/Learning to wait,

Pastor Rich


Quote for the day:        “If you can trust a puzzle company to make sure every piece is in the box to complete the puzzle, why can’t you trust God that every piece of your life is there for a reason?”


PS UGather- 10:30am ON THE FRONT LAWN!! This is our weekly time of “Celebrating Community in Christ.” The campus will be shut down and no other activities are planned because our whole school family will be together. Be sure and mark your appointment books for this time each Thursday. This week is a special time of dedication and commitment as we start the year. Gary Thurber, President of the Mid America Union and chairman of our Union College Board of Trustees, will be speaking. Bring a chair or a blanket and join us as we worship with physical distance but socially connected with each other and with God.

PPS    HeartScan is still open this week. If you want to be a part of the spiritual mentoring program pick up a form at Campus Ministries. There has been a glitch in the uGroups program for HeartScan so if you can’t complete the application just try again in a day or so!

PPPS Family Worship has moved from Harvey’s Harvest to the Quad (between the ad building and the Atrium). There are just too many variables that we are still trying to work to keep everyone as safe as possible so we decided to postpone Harvey’s to a later day. Join Joel and his Union for Christ team as they bring our family into the Sabbath. Student Chaplain Alex Rodriquez will be speaking. See you at the Quad Friday night at 7:30. Watermelon for Afterglo!