From: David Kabanje
Date: April 26
Subject: GMU: Leave your Grave

Beautiful People

There is a popular Christian song with a lyric that states, "If You left the grave behind You, so will I. I can see Your heart in everything You've done, every part designed in a work of art called love. If You gladly chose surrender, so will I." To be in Christ is to share in His life, death, and resurrection. When Jesus left His tomb, He invited us to leave our tombs. God's grace and Christ's vicarious substitutional atonement brought death to the power of sin and death in our lives. Praise God! "We are those who have died to sin; how can we live in it any longer? Or don't you know that all of us who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death" (Romans 6:2-3)? Faith in Christ brings us to spiritual life.

Now, as Tim Keller would say, "It is not the strength of your faith but the object of your faith that saves you." Christ, the object of our faith, is the strength we need to leave our tombs behind. Our personal tombs are as diverse as we are; however, God calls us out of death and into life. The only question left is, "what are you waiting for?" What is holding you back from leaving your tomb? Whatever it is, Christ has defeated it. We need to accept His victory over it and move in faith. Christ left His tomb; as Christians, so should we.