From: Rich Carlson
Date: November 9, 2020
Subject: It's November 9; Good Morning Union

“He will keep you in perfect peace…”            Isaiah 26: 3,4

Peace is more than the absence of war, but an inner contentment that does not come from my surroundings but from the presence of God in my life which surrounds me. My dad was big on the idea of spiritual contentment; knowing I have already been forgiven, knowing that I have already been saved; knowing that even while I’m still a sinner I am loved by God. “In the world you’ll find tribulation but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world,” said Jesus.

I can look at the world and possibly find some instant or short term personal gratification, or I can live in the world while looking at Jesus and His promises and discover not just peace, but “perfect peace.” That “perfect peace,” according to my text for today, comes when my “mind is steadfastly on Jesus,” because “I trust Him.” He is far more reliable than any political promise from either side, or than putting all my personal “eggs in one basket,” as I launch into life. Promises are fleeting and plans for life always seem to have some unexpected glitches. I may have temporary peace when I trust in them, but I have “perfect peace” with I’m focused on Jesus.

That’s the promise of God through Isaiah, “He (God) will keep you in perfect peace, when your mind is steadfast on Him as I trust Him.” And Isaiah’s response finished the verse. “Trust in the Lord, for the Lord, the Lord God is a ROCK eternal.” Sounds like a pretty stable place to anchor my life!

Have a great day anchoring to the ROCK,

Pastor Rich

Quote for the day:      “Once a man was asked, ‘What did you gain by regularly praying to God?’ The man replied, ‘Nothing…. But what I lost was anger, ego, greed, depression, insecurity, and the fear of death.’”


PS        Operation Christmas Child boxes are due today!! Bring them by Campus Ministries and add yours to the growing stack!! Thanks for blessing a child somewhere in the world.