From: Rich Carlson
Date: December 13, 2019
Subject: It's December 13; Good Morning Union

“… let us.”       Hebrews 10

So, here’s my “let us” text for today- not “lettuce” text—“LET US!”

I just decided to read the book of Hebrews at one sitting last Sabbath morning and I’m still thinking about it. It’s a rather interesting approach to Bible reading because it keeps me from “proof-texting” and focuses me more on the big picture message of the writer. There are small enough books to start with, in case the idea intrigues  you, like Jude, or Philemon, or 3 John. I would not recommend starting with Psalms!!

The focus that I saw this time through this book was the reality of the role of Jesus NOW as our high priest and sacrifice in the sanctuary in heaven. He’s not only the High Priest, mediating for me, but He’s the Sacrifice who gave His life for me. He’s everything I need for assurance of forgiveness and salvation!

Chapter 10 could be summarized as “hang in there, it’s all going to work, in God’s timing!” And concludes by saying, “Therefore…” and then there are 5 “Let us” texts!

“Therefore… since we have such a high priest:

  1. LET US draw near to God
  2. LET US hold unswervingly to hope
  3. LET US spur one another on
  4. LET US not give up meeting together
  5. LET US encourage one another”

The author encourages me by expanding and applying the “let us.” “Since I have such a High Priest I should:

  1. Draw near to God with
  1. A sincere heart
  2. Full assurance
  3. Hearts sprinkled with Jesus’ sacrifice- (cleansed on the inside)
  4. Bodies washed clean by that same sacrifice- (cleansed on the outside)
  1. Hold unswervingly to hope, “because God IS faithful”
  2. Challenge one another with
  1. Love
  2. Good deeds
  1. Keep coming together to worship Jesus
  2. Encourage others.

And he ends the chapter with a reminder to “persevere”—hang in there, don’t give up. Just be faithful because God DOES win and so will I—and so will you!

“Let us” have a great day responding to God’s faithfulness,

Pastor Rich


Quote for the Day:      “Jesus came to save the LOST, the LAST, and the LEAST.”

PS          Thanks for helping make cookies yesterday. The police, firefighters, and Peoples' City Mission all say thank you!!

PPS        Family Worship- 7:30pm in the Church. Family Worship next a special Christmas concert by “Resound!”

PPPS      Afterglo- right after Family worship, this week hosted by Jefferson and his Religion Division peeps.