From: David Kabanje
Date: September 3, 2021
Subject: GMU: Yoked with Peace

Good morning, friends! 

Jesus is real, my friends. Each day I get a clearer picture of His grace and love. As we turn the page to another Sabbath, Jesus calls our souls to rest. He says, "Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light" (Matthew 11:29-30). A yoke is an agricultural tool used between a pair of oxen to increase their output, especially when pulling a heavy load.

The joined team of oxen would shoulder the heavy burden together. They worked in tandem. In Matthew 11:29-30, Jesus makes a radical and relational statement, "I want to do life with you." Christ's invitation to yoked to Him is a divorce from self-reliance and marriage to Christ's sustaining grace that is sufficient. Jesus asks us to learn of Hime because He is humble and gentle. Peace is received through humility and a gentle spirit. Peace is obtained when we yoke our lives with Christ. Jesus wants to do life with us; He wishes to be Lord of lives but remember, He is a gentleman—He won't force His way into our lives. We must choose Him. Friends, we have an opportunity this morning to yoke our hearts, minds, and souls with Christ! We have a chance to learn from infant love. Let us accept the invitation because when we are yoked with Jesus, we are yoked with true peace.       

Have a great day learning from Jesus.  

P.S. We hope to see you at Family Worship tonight at 7:30 PM! If you aren't here and you plan to travel, we wish you safe travels, friends! 
Be blessed, beautiful people!