From: David Kabanje
Date: September 23, 2021
Subject: GMU from Jadyn Anderson

Shining Rocks 



I was visiting this sweet elderly woman this week, and I noticed that she had a bunch of ordinary rocks sitting on her coffee table in a white ceramic dish. So I asked, “What are the rocks for? Are they from something special?” 

Her face lit up, and she quickly replied, “Aren’t they just beautiful?” 

I nodded my head, but I thought they looked like plain ordinary rocks, but I mean, who am I to disagree. 


She continued, “When I go for walks, I find them in our apartment building parking lot. I see them just laying there, and I can see it has potential. So I bring the rock in, rub off the dirt, wash it off, and watch it shine. I think I’m the only one who ever notices, so many people are missing out on their beauty.” 

As she showed me each of the individual rocks, I started to admire the contrasting colors, the different shapes created based on its life, and the deep sparkle that showed through only after dusting it off again. 

She amazed me when she said, “I think people are a lot like these rocks. They need to be noticed, taken care of, washed up, and then they will shine.” 

Her response made me think; this is how Jesus must think of us. We are just ordinary rocks laying out in some random apartment parking lot. We get driven over, kicked, and forgotten. But Jesus comes along, and he picks us up, dusts us off, washes us clean, and allows us the opportunity to shine. Our unique story gives us our different colors, our unique shapes, and the funny tiny crevices that provide us with character. Our experiences are what allow us to shine for Christ.

P.S. You are precious to God, and so is your story. Why not share it! I love the uplifting stories and encouragement that we are sharing! Thank you!