From: David Kabanje
Date: August 26, 2021
Subject: Unconditional Divine Love, August 24

Good morning, Gracious People!

Before you start your day, I challenge you to meditate on the goodness that God showed you yesterday. For me, God became an anchor of wisdom and empathy. What about you, friend? What did God do for you yesterday, and how does that impact your walk with Him? Introspective questions of faith have strengthened my relationship with Christ. If you are coming into this year with a bad taste of religion, you are good company. Bad religion can sour anyone's appetite.

I have found that unconditional divine love is a cure for a sour soul.
You and I were made for unconditional divine love. Settling for anything less than this type of love only devalues the integrity of hearts, minds, and bodies. I pray that we may begin to know our worth in Christ, my dear friends. I have a quote that I want to leave with you. A quote that has radically changed my approach to identity, affirmation, and acceptance. It goes like this, "Christ paid an infinite price for us, and according to the price paid, He desires us to value ourselves" -Anonymous. See, you were made for unconditional divine love because love (Jesus) died for you at the fullness of time. The following biblical fact is inescapable; your value is directly tied to Christ's sacrifice on the Cross for you. Rest in that!  

Have a great day stepping into God's unconditional divine love.  

The location for Family Worship has changed to College View Church (CVC) instead of the Clocktower for this Friday. We will be honored to see you at 7:30 pm at CVC this Friday as we begin the year with worship! Dr. Holdsworth will share a message with us that you won't want to miss!