From: Rich Carlson
Date: April 20, 2019
Subject: It's April 20; Good Morning Union; Special Sabbath Edition

Good morning and a blessed Sabbath to you. About 2000 years ago the disciples and friends spent probably the hardest Sabbath of their lives. Their Master had been killed the day before and with it came the death of all their hopes and dreams; or so they probably thought. But Sunday’s coming!! Enjoy and be blessed on this Sabbath as we know the rest of the story and  have the hope the disciples thought they had lost. Their faith is our fact. Here’s what we have to help you today:

“The Well” @ 10:30 in the Young Adult room of the church. Join us for music and the Word.

IRR SS @ 10:40 in the Gear Room

Ortner Center @ 10:40 with Kayla Miller and Lauren Shields. Join them as they go over the adult Sabbath school lesson. All are welcome. This used to be the SS in Engel Hall but they are needing to move to a new location.

CVC 9:15 and Noon. A special Easter service entitled “A Gathering of Hope and Expectation,” has been planned for your remembrance of the most important event in all of Christianity!

SOS (Something on Sabbath!) Have you ever wondered what it might have been like to be in Jerusalem on the day Jesus died on the cross? Come to Piedmont Park’s Journey to the Cross on April 20 (Saturday) from 2-4pm and experience a journey that ends not at a cross nor at a tomb... Guided tours will start from the Sanctuary every 10 minutes to experience various interactive scenes throughout the church facility. Tours fill VERY quickly. Early arrival is suggested! Please enter the church at the door where a Roman Guard is standing (A street side of the church). This is a free Easter event! For more information visit our website and click on JOURNEY at the top of the page. Piedmont Park is located at 4801 A Street, Lincoln

V2 @ 7:45 will be hosted by Adreana and her Religion Division friends. It will happen at the Speedway fields before the World Cup Soccer action. Supper before, thanks to ASB, then V2 and the games. It all starts at 7pm with supper. See you all out there!!

So have a great Sabbath,
Pastor Rich

PS        For tomorrow, Sunday 4-21:

Sonrise service @ 6:30am under the cross at the main entrance of the church. Join us for 30 minutes of reflections on that great Sunday morning outside Jerusalem that changed the world forever.

Celebrate the Resurrection @ 10am in the sanctuary. “He’s Alive!”

Quote for the day:      “if you live your life in the past there will be no future.”