From: Rich Carlson
Date: February 6, 2021
Subject: It's February 6; Good Morning Union Special Sabbath Edition

“This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.      Psalm 118:24

Here’s what we have to help your rejoicing:

  1. Spend some quiet time with God
  2. Spend some quiet time for yourself
  3. Spend some quality time with friends
  4. Spend some special time in God’s house with His people
  5. “Shabat” (stop) and “Remember” (God made you and He saved you!)
  6. Then respond by doing something good for someone who can’t pay you back!

And that, my friends, is God’s Sabbath that I offer to you. including…

The Well- @ 10:40am in the Young Adult room at the Church. Join us as we fellowship, worship, and spend time in God’s word.

CVC- 9:15 and Noon. Pastor Harold continues his series called “Kaleo” and will be journeying for the next several weeks on the theme of righteousness in Jesus ALONE. Join us across the street or at one of the 6 other Adventist churches in the Lincoln area. Community is still a crucial part of the spiritual journey!

V2 @ 5:30 in Woods Auditorium. This week our Education Club will be hosting our Sabbath ending time together. Christianna Nesmith will be sharing. All are welcome.

Saturday night women’s basketball @ 7. Watch it life online.


Have a great Sabbath,

Pastor Rich


PS        Just heard from People’s City Mission and they are in desperate need of gloves and bottled water for this upcoming deep freeze week. If you have any extra gloves you’re not using or have a couple bottles of water, bring them by Campus Ministries on Monday and we’ll get them down to our Lincoln homeless shelter. Thanks in advance!


My favorite blog for this week:


"The Atheist and the Storage Unit"

I was an Atheist for a very long time; many years in fact. What changed my mind wasn't any specific miracle nor well-meaning evangelism. There were things I saw in the world which didn't make sense.

The physicist Isaac Newton told us, "Nothing moves (or happens) without an outside force."

That means, disorder and chaos is the natural state of being in the world. Our buildings, our roads and even our bodies ALL fall apart eventually.

EVERYTHING falls apart without energy from somewhere else. EVERYTHING.

If you look around the world, you'll see the sun rising as it should. You'll see the seasons changing as they should. You'll see grass, trees and flowers all growing as they should.

There is INCREDIBLE order happening all around you; every second of every day.

Even our bodies are a mystery. There is NO known reason why you, reading this right now, don't suddenly float randomly to the floor in a puddle of stinky organic soup.

The whole world is held together by something....

Some "Outside Force."

My storage unit at home is my illustration. It's organized because I like things that way.

It didn't happen by accident!

It happened because I put in such outside effort to organize things. This storage unit, like the world, would've otherwise certainly collapsed to utter chaos!

In terms of Faith, I rejected Atheism because it made LESS sense than my belief in God!

The world simply cannot exist without some Benevolent Force guiding its direction.

So, next time you're making something, cleaning something or organizing something, think about the alternative if you did nothing at all.

Then, think about the OVERWHELMING Power which must be necessary to hold the stars in their places; keeping them organized since times eternal.

You'll see God everywhere you look.

There you have it. You now know the story of, "The Atheist and the Storage Unit."

I Love You Guys!

-Danny             (a friend of mine and former Union College student)