From: Rich Carlson
Date: May 5, 2020
Subject: It's May 5; Good Morning Union

Today is brought to you by the letter “Y”

Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for You are with me.”            Psalm 23

The “valleys” WILL come, but I don’t have to fear, because God IS with me. I offer you that same level of confidence this morning. He is just as available to everyone who believes. The thing is, I’ll never know it unless I give Him a chance.

Have a great day consciously choosing to let God be with you as He wishes,

Pastor Rich

Quote for the day:

It may be long but it’s good!

“If you are questioning the sufficiency of God’s power to resolve your problems and pressures, your suffering and stress, your crisis and change, His answer is the same. The infinite power of the living Logos of God is adequate for any need you or I will ever have.

We may intellectually grasp the truth that God’s power is adequate, but we can never know that by experience if we stay in our comfort zone. If all you ever attempt is what you know you can do yourself, if all your needs seem to be met through someone or something other than God, if you never have any difficulties that are greater than you can bear — how will you know the awesome greatness and personal availability of His infinite power?

It’s when the Red Sea is before you, the mountains are on one side of you, the desert is on the other side, and you feel the Egyptian army closing in from behind that you experience His power to open up an escape route.

He has power to do the supernatural, the unthinkable, the impossible.”            Anne Lotz

Hymn with a “Y”         “You Are My All in All” 

PS        Success on your exams today!! I’m praying for you.

A funny for the day!

I'm as bored as an Amish electrician.