From: Rich Carlson
Date: November 6, 2019
Subject: It's November 6; Good Morning Union

“… save me because of your unfailing love.”             Psalm 6:4

As Pastor Marcus shared so beautifully last Friday night for Family Worship, there are cycles of life, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He categorized those cycles as “oriented, disoriented, and reoriented,” and shared psalms correlated with each. Today’s psalm for me was one of those “reorienting” psalms. It starts in confusion (disoriented) and ends with confidence (reoriented.) David was distraught with all the challenges he was facing in his life, and through communion with God transitioned into a renewed trust in his God who could see him through those tough spots.

His solution came in his focus found in my verse for today. “Save me because of YOUR unfailing love.” He didn’t seem to see any internal hope for resolving life’s challenges, but when he was able to focus on GOD’S unfailing love, he found the strength to confront the demons in his life. And with that renewed confidence in that “unfailing love” from God he was able to basically say, “GET LOST!” to the tough things life had thrown his way.

And the reason he was able to do that appeared to be two-fold:

  1. “The Lord heard me, and
  2. The Lord accepts my prayers.”

My ah-ha this morning-- I saw no miraculous removal of the challenges; but I did see again a song that moved from frustration to faithfulness; from troubles to triumph; from rejection to rejoicing; from defeat to delight! And it came in prayer and the intentional refocusing away from the challenges and onto the Solution! And that in itself is also miraculous!

Have a great day focusing on the Solution in prayer,

Pastor Rich

Quote for the day:       "There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience."       French Proverb


PS        Help us collect school supplies for the elementary school in Chuuk, an island in the Pacific where we have student missionaries and that we have adopted as our school. Watch for details.

PPS     Remember Operation Christmas Child and Share the Warmth this week!!