From: Rich Carlson
Date: February 11, 2021
Subject: It's February 11; Good Morning Union

Luke 24


“And beginning with Moses and all the prophets, He explained to them what was said in all the

Scriptures concerning Him.”  Vs 27


I started this series on the first day of classes this semester. It all came from my notes that I took in December (remember when I suggested that you might consider reading one chapter a day from the book of Luke, starting December 1? If you did that you would have finished on Christmas eve, and as I suggested then, it might just provide the backdrop for what December 25 is all about.) 24 chapters; 24 days; I did it and took notes and now I have written about what I learned.


This final chapter included the resurrection and the ascension, both absolutely crucial elements for the completion of the story. He left His disciples with a challenge to take what they learned and share it with the world. But they were so human! Like a student who doesn’t see the big picture so doesn’t apply him or herself to the daily lessons, so it was with the disciples.


The ladies forgot that He said he would rise again on the third day, and they had to be reminded. They “remembered” and quickly went an told the others.


The men walking to Emmaus didn’t understand the whole story and almost missed their chance to see the proof of His resurrection. When He “began with Moses…and explained all the scriptures concerning Him,” their hearts burned within them and they hurried to tell the others.


And when “the other disciples” had their personal encounter with the risen Savior all they could think of was how afraid they were. Jesus said, “Don’t be afraid; it is I.” And after showing them His scars and asking for some food, He opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures.” Now,” said Jesus, “YOU go and tell the world.”


The criteria, in all three cases, was a personal understanding of God’s word, taught by Jesus Himself through a personal encounter with Him, before they could fulfill His calling and purpose in life. Jesus went back to heaven and gave them the Holy Spirit a few weeks later at Pentecost and they changed the world!! That’s the same Word of God, the same Jesus, and the same Holy Spirit that I have available to me today so I can “Remember,” why I am here and what He is asking of me.


Have a great day grasping just a little more clearly His plan for your life too, by seeking not facts but the Person who gave it all.

Pastor Rich


Quote for the day:      “No amount of Christian activity compensates for an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ.”


PS        uGather- 10:30am in the church. Join us each week as we come together as a Union College family to build community and fellowship with God and His word. Nate Ellis, Union grad and new associate pastor at Piedmont Park Church, will bring God’s word to us today.

PPS      UCBB Women at Peru State @ 6:30

PPPS    Camps Mivoden and Leoni Meadows sent posters because their directors are not allowed to travel. But they still want Union College students to work at their camp so they sent me some posters. On the back of the posters they even put a sticky note saying, “Thanks for helping us get amazing staff. We love Union College kids!” Check them out in the Campus Ministries window and see if God might be leading you to summer camp ministries in one of these places.