From: Rich Carlson
Date: March 2, 2021
Subject: ​​​​​​​It's March 2; Good Morning Union

“Blessed are ALL who take refuge in Him.”    Psalm 2:12


A lot of tough things happen in life but David reminds me this morning that God WILL take care of me, and that will continue to become clearer as I continue to choose to trust Him.


Psalm 32- another great psalm to memorize. It has been said that this poem should actually come right after Psalm 51. Both were written AFTER David’s sin with Bathsheba and in response to the prophet Nathan calling David to repentance. Psalm 51 is David’s statement of confession; Psalm 32 should follow immediately as his psalm of response. “God’s steadfast love surrounds the person who trusts in the Lord.” My response to God’s gift of forgiveness is not groveling in hopes that I’ll be forgiven, but a time of rejoicing BECAUSE I have been forgiven. “Be glad in the Lord and rejoice. Shout for joy all who are upright in heart.”


Psalm 62- counsels me, in whatever trial I may find myself, to trust wholly in God, because no human being can be of sufficient help. “For God alone my soul waits in silence, for my hope is in Him alone.”


Psalm 92- A song expressing the importance of praising God all day long. It changes my attitude and my outlook on life! “It is good to give thanks to the Lord, to sing praises to Your name, O Most High; to declare Your steadfast love in the morning, and Your faithfulness by night.”


Psalm 122- An expression of joy for the privilege of going to God’s house for worship. There are actually a whole series of psalms here that are called “Ascent Psalms.” (120-134) There is one for each of the steps that lead up to the south gate of the entrance of the temple in Jerusalem. The story is told that the people would recite one of these psalms on each step as the went to worship. We tried it last time I was in Jerusalem. It was an amazing experience! “I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let’s go to the house of the Lord.’”



Have a great day intentionally going into the presence of God in your life with the psalms,

Pastor Rich


Quote for the day:      “Happy moments, praise God; difficult moments, seek God; quiet moments, worship God; painful moments, trust God; every moment, thank God.”       Rick Warren


PS        Christ on Demand 7:30 p.m. | Shawnee Porter Room and Zoom. Come and connect with new friends but most importantly with the best friend you can have, Jesus! This year’s theme is based on 1 Corinthians 13:13, and this week Leif Lastine will be sharing.

PPS      The Garden | Bible study for women. 8:00 p.m. | Zoom (click the link to learn more)
Join Megan Fleming and Annabelle Harper for some time with Jesus.

PPPS    Camp Connect. Because most camp directors could not travel due to COVID, all of the North American Division camps will be represented on a live online site. Check it out today through Wednesday @

PP…S    Pastor Gua is in Campus Ministries every Tuesday from 1-3pm to provide you the option of a female pastoral perspective. You can make an appointment by contacting Pastor Gua at, (978) 333-1209, or just drop in and see if she is busy!

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