From: Rich Carlson
Date: April 23, 2021
Subject: It's April 23; Good Morning Union

“WHOEVER believes in the Son HAS eternal life.”     John 3:36


Another “absolute assurance” text from dad that focuses not on my “hope” of eternal life, but my confidence in that eternal life. WHOEVER believes HAS. Why do I keep trying to make that so difficult? It’s not about whether I deserve it, or can earn it; it’s only about the fact that it has been given to me as a free gift. I can’t pay for a gift and it still be a gift. I know that at Christmas or my birthday; why can’t I know it the other days as I live in this world?

My dad used to say, “Stop making it so hard. It’s a gift; just say thank you and accept it.” When I can do that at Christmas or my birthday I have a new love and appreciation for the one who gave me the gift. I know they love me and I know I want to love them back. I know they care about me and I want to care back. And, at least in God’s situation, I know He also knows what’s best for me because He loves and cares for me enough to offer me this free gift of living with Him forever. How can I not respond to that kind of love? How can I not serve Him, follow Him, and yes, even obey Him?!

“WHOEVER” includes me and it includes you

“HAS” is an absolute not a possibility

And it’s all about Him.


Have a great day knowing the One who loves you so much that He gave FREELY whatever it takes to ensure you can spend eternity with Him,


Pastor Rich


Quote for the day:      "It doesn’t take a person giving a lot to make a difference, just a lot of people giving a little."


PS        Family Worship- 7:30pm in the church featuring recent alumni in a super praise band celebration of music. Join Robert Leslie, Ricky Melendez, Sam Dinzy and others for this evening of Praise and Worship.

PPS      Afterglo- Hosted by our Nursing club this is always a highlight afterglo. Join us down by the Nursing building for a bonfire, s’mores, and more!! Right after the Family Worship concert.

PPPS    Thanks to all who helped with preparing the lunches for People’s City Mission Wednesday. Together you all fed 120 homeless folks here in Lincoln. I was driving near the mission that night and I actually saw three men carrying sacks and eating the sandwiches. I thought, “Those guys are eating the meals that my Union College students prepared!” Thanks for blessing ME as I watched THEM eat YOUR sack lunches!! Tomorrow we’re going back to the Mission to help serve lunch. The group is already full for this time but keep watching for other opportunities to do something nice for someone who can’t pay you back.


PP..S    Today is the last day of work for IS employee Michael Calkins. If you know Michael be sure and thank him for ALL the amazing ways he has helped keep our computers running! Thank you Michael!