From: Rich Carlson
Date: April 14, 2020
Subject: It's April 14; Good Morning Union

Today is brought to you by the letter G

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble…. So be still and know that I am God.”            Psalm 46: 1 and 10

Great peace have they that love Thy law, NOTHING will make them stumble.”   Psalm 119:165

The toughest part of my “G” promises today is “So be still….” I don’t want to be still! I want to move; I want to accomplish something; I want to get places and see people and do things. I don’t want to “be still!” My ah-ha this morning was, neither did David, but he still wrote about it and concluded that “being still” was still the best answer, at least to start with.

I learned in my EMT training years ago and my roll on the volunteer fire department, that NOT rushing into any situation is the best antidote to danger. When I rush I can make mistakes or miss things. I think it’s the same with God. If my quiet time with God is rushed and I go through motions without time to reflect I may have gotten the details without getting the heart of the issue.

David was on the run a lot with Saul in hot pursuit. But his life had started in the fields with plenty of time to reflect on God as he watched the sheep. I believe that same reflection was demonstrated in the psalms he wrote on the run as much as the ones he wrote in solitude—maybe more. His honesty with God is so encouraging and challenging at the same time. To find “refuge and strength” in times of trouble can come when I have “been still” SO THAT I can know that He IS still God. To find “peace” in learning to love the “law” comes the same way any love relationship happens- with time and over time. And the same solid foundation through life that love provides, God provides as I stop and be quite long enough to hear His “still small voice.” The promise is “great peace” and great comfort! COVID isolation might just be an added opportunity to be with Him in quietness.

Have a great day finding refuge in His strength through reflection time with Him,

Pastor Rich

Quote for the day:      “Solitude is the soul’s holiday.” Katrina Kenison

“Great is Thy faithfulness”

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