From: Rich Carlson
Date: September 10, 2019
Subject: It's September 10; Good Morning Union

(lots of things happening so be sure you read the PSs at the end)

“He has shown you O man what is good. And what does the Lord require of you?...” Micah 6:8

Yesterday morning I thought of this text as I was writing about the 4 and 3. Here’s another list of 3 things God asks of me. I saw slightly different word but basically the same list. Sometimes I focus so much on the list that I forget the introduction. “He has shown you what is good.” God does not leave me high and dry to  hopefully be able to figure out what He wants. I haven’t said it yet in this year’s GMUs but I’ve said it MANY times in the past—If it’s important to God it’s clear in His word. That’s my bottom line to all that God has given me. There are a LOT of things I don’t understand in His word and I don’t panic over them. I just focus on what I DO understand and it’s amazing how the rest keeps coming into line as needed (PRN for you nurses!). It’s not so much how do I figure everything out in God’s word, it’s more for me about—what am I doing with what I have figured out and that I do understand. What I need IS clear. If it’s important to God, it IS clear in His word.

So the clarity of His word this morning reminds me that He has made it very clear what He requires of me; He’s shown me what is good by His goodness. He’s shown me in His life what justice and mercy look like and He has shown me, by His life on this earth, how to humbly walk with the Father (ie. “Not My will but Yours be done…. I have come to do the will of My Father.…”) Because He has “shown me” now He can ask me to:

  1. Do justly- that’s the least that can be asked of me—to do the right thing
  2. Love mercy- that’s beyond the right thing; that’s doing the loving thing
  3. Walk humbly with your God- that’s doing even more than the right thing and it’s doing it with the right attitude.

“He has shown me,” now He asks me- do the right thing, do the loving thing, and do it with the right attitude. Pretty clear to me!

Have a great day following what He has shown,

Pastor Rich

Quote for the day:      “I have a mathematics degree; of course I have problems!”

PS        Meet Matt- Matt Schulte, director of Youth for Christ (and speaker at last week’s uGather) will be having lunch in our café at noon to answer questions and dream with you about ways you can get involved in serving God’s children in Lincoln. It’s a “come-and-go” event so- “come” meet Matt and learn about service; then “go” and be the hands and heart of Jesus!


PPS      Christ on Demand- every Tuesday evening at 7:30 in the Rees Hall Chapel join Amber and friends for 30 minutes of singing and a devotional thought. The theme for this year is “Trusting in God.” This week they’re playing a game focused on this theme. All are welcome.


PP..S    Don’t forget your uWorship reporting. This is an experiment in self-reporting. We have to document your involvement in the spiritual life of the college. uWorship is the honor system of self-reporting. We don’t want to return to card scanning at everything so help us out and do your weekly reporting on your uWorship app. It only takes 15 seconds a week. Thanks


PPP..S  9/11 Memorial Stair Climb | Dick Building Basement- Thursday 9/11- Sponsored by IRROC.

We will be meeting at 6:45 am on 9/11 to commemorate the firefighters who lost their lives in response to the attack on the twin towers. In honor of a fallen hero, participants will be climbing 110 flights of stairs. Please come in athletic wear; weighted packs are optional. Water and Gatorade will be provided by IRROC. All are welcome and encouraged to participate.


P…S      39th Annual Project Impact Thursday. Plan now to be a part of the longest running and largest (by percentage of participants) community service event of all North American colleges and universities!! Dress is casual work clothes. Meet at 8am under the Clock Tower for breakfast and your new PI t-shirt. If you’d like to be a team leader let me know by replying to this email. Our dream is that every club and organization on campus hosts a site or two! We’ll be back on campus by 1:15 for pizza at 1:30. Then the rest of the day is yours!! See you Thursday morning!!