From: David Kabanje
Date: February 7
Subject: GMU: Be Still, You are Loved

Be Still, You are Loved

 What has God put in your heart that is worth fighting for? The fight always reveals our character and evaluates our commitment. What are you fighting for? Whatever it is, it will never leave you the same. Jacob had a fight with God to claim a blessing that alluded him. Instead of playing God, Jacob went to God. Twenty years later, God found Jacob, where He had promised His faithfulness. It’s crazy to think that God brings us back to past failures to rewrite our narratives. The Devil points back to our past mistakes as definitive points of failure; however, God redeems our mistakes and establishes new chapters in our stories. How does this happen? Well, we first need to be left alone with Jesus. We are saturated with busy work that interrupts God’s desire to redeem and heal our narratives. When was the last time you gave yourself permission to be “left alone?”

We desperately need time to stand before God with nothing more than our testimony and a willing heart to sacrifice our need to be God over our lives. Friends, the mental picture of a condemning and judgmental God, needs to die. It is a lie from the pits of hell. God is not condemning you for not spending time with Him. Instead, he yearns for a quiet space with you. In the stillness of this space, we wrestle with God on topics that human understanding and reasoning can not comprehend. We will continue to live hollow lives until we allow Christ to fill us in the stillness of quiet spaces. 

Now, one question remains, do you fight for this stillness, or are you passive in connecting with God? Passivity perpetuates hollow Christianity and breeds excuses. The stillness with God is a necessity. In that stillness, you get a real sense of who you are in relation to Jesus. It is in the stillness that Christ’s sufficient grace covers your weaknesses. It is in the stillness that you are known. Friends, be still and know that Jesus is God. Be still and know that you are radically loved. Be still and know that your past failures are not definitive. Be still and know that God is Emmanuel. Be still and know that God is fighting for you. Be still and know that Jesus is redeeming your narrative. Be still and fight for each still moment you have with Jesus. Be still.