From: Rich Carlson
Date: October 17, 2019
Subject: It's October 17; Good Morning Union

“The Lord bless you and keep you…” Numbers 6: 24-26

I’m off today for police chaplain training in Omaha, but before I go, just another reflection on the Old Testament story (in preparation for my class- yes teachers also have to study and prepare for class!) I came upon a blessing this morning that I want to share with you. This is a direct command from God, through Moses, to Aaron the high priest for the people. God said, “THIS is how you are to bless the people.” It can’t get much clearer than that! So— what do I take from the Aaronic blessing that can help me today share a blessing with the people God has given to me?

I can ask God to:

1.         “Bless you

2.         Keep you

3.         Make His face shine on you

4.         Be gracious to you

5.         Turn His face toward you and

6.         Give you peace”


Though this is in Hebrew, another meaning for the Greek word translated “bless” is “to make happy,” SO, I can ask God to make you happy today which, I have also discovered in life and in His word, does NOT mean He will give me everything I want, but He will give me what He knows will bring true joy and happiness. I can ask Him to do that for you.

I can ask Him to take care of you and keep you today, which also implies in His Word that He will watch over you, as much as you will let Him.

I can ask Him to look with joy and favor on you today, which He can do because when He sees you He does not see the messiness of sin but the covering of Jesus.

I can ask Him to be gracious to you today, which He does because it is by GRACE that you are saved and He offers that to you freely.

I can ask Him to look out for you and take good care of you today.

And I can ask Him to give you peace today, which I find is the byproduct of the combination of all of the above.

So you can just know that today, as I sit out on my porch swing, and then head out for training, I am asking God to bless you, take care of you, bring joy to you, be gracious to you, look out for you, and give you peace!


Have a great day enjoying HIS blessings for you today,

Pastor Rich


Quote for the day:      “If serving is below you then leadership is beyond you.”


PS        uGather – “Celebrating Community in Christ.” This week we welcome Seth Pierce, one of our newest faculty in the Communications Department. It all happens @ 10:35 in the church.