From: David Kabanje
Date: December 6, 2021
Subject: GMU: Get Over Yourself

Get Over Yourself 

I was having a hard time writing this morning's devotional thought for two reasons—guilt and self-pity. I hate composing a worship thought when my heart is not right with God. As I thought and prayed about what to share with you, the Holy Spirit led me to share an authentic testimony— "get over yourself." That is a harsh reality check if not said with love. A self-centered life generates self-pity. How can we wholeheartedly pursuit God if our focus is on pursuing and enlarging our kingdoms? I can speak from personal experience; self-pity creates enemies out of friends. Self-pity focuses on what others have done to hurt us instead of taking personal responsibility to the shared narrative. Self-pity is toxic. It's not the same as self-reflection. Self-reflection fosters humility. One author conceptualizes self-pity as "a disagreement with God over how life [should be] and how He has treated us."

Now, believe it or not, self-pity is a cry for unconditional love. The "self" needs to die to God's love so that our pity dissolves. In other words, surrender to Christ, and His sovereignty puts our narrative and cares into the hands of God. The flesh dominates us through self-pity; however, we don't need to live like this. Ultimately, self-pity distrusts God's care for us. The Bible is clear, "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you" (1 Peter 5:7). Getting rid of self-pity is an act of death—death to self and life to Christ. It is an active engagement of faith. Identify the moments where you look inward and look back to Jesus. We have the grace to not live in self-pity. So, friends, I say this as a brother in Christ; get over yourself.  

P.S. This is going to be a long week. You have resources, friends, and a God who loves you. Please take care of yourself. Drink copious amounts of water, sleep, and pray well. 

P.P.S. We have our last Family Worship of the year this Friday at 7:30 PM at CVC led by our spiritual vice, Hannah Wood, CABL directors Rebekah Steward and Elissa Page, and Sir Buell Fogg!