From: Rich Carlson
Date: January 18, 2021
Subject: January 18; Good Morning Union

No classes today in honor of Dr Martin Luther King. Enjoy the break but do something nice for someone who can’t pay you back in honor of the philosophy of Dr King.

Luke 6

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”   Vs 31

Chapter 6 is Luke’s summary of Matthew’s more detailed account of Jesus’ sermon on the mount. LOT’S of wisdom and insights from Jesus on how to live in a way that illustrates that I am following Him.

  1. The Sabbath-
    1. He is Lord of it
    2. It is lawful to do good on it
    3. It’s lawful to save life on it
    4. Jesus cared for and healed hurting people (7 times) on Sabbath

That’s not ALL He did on Sabbath; He also rested, went to church, and fellowshipped; but this gives me positive direction on how and why He gave me this special day.

  1. Positive characteristics of following Him:
    1. Seven things I can do to those who are unkind to me, with the result being God’s reward, which will be great because I will be called His son:
      1. Love them
      2. Do good to them
      3. Bless them
      4. Pray for them
      5. Even give them what they want without expecting it to be returned
      6. Be kind
      7. Be merciful
    2. Four ways to treat everyone:
      1. Don’t judge
      2. Don’t condemn
      3. Forgive
      4. Give
  2. Cautions about ways that might keep me from following Him:
    1. Four characteristics of those who hurt the prophets and Jesus that I should be careful around
      1. Being rich when others are still poor
      2. Being well fed when others are still hungry
      3. Being full of laughter when those around me are hurting
      4. Allowing others to speak well of me
    2. Be careful about correcting someone else’s problems when I still have the same problem in my life. Take care of my life first, and I’ll then be able to help others.
  3. The summary:
    1. Store up only good in my heart
    2. Build on a firm foundation so as I build my life the challenges won’t destroy me
    3. Remember that whatever I put in my heart will eventually be what comes out of my mouth. Think good, choose well, be filled with the ways of Jesus and I can just live and speak normally because those things will direct how I respond.

Have a great day learning from Jesus,

Pastor Rich


Adventist Peace Fellowship is celebrating MLK Day this weekend with a two-day Peace Summit, continuing and concluding today, with presentations, panel discussions, discussion groups, and consideration of one text of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, "Three Evils of Society." Find out more at their website:


Last day to get your second COVID test. PLEASE help us determine the current condition of our campus so we can figure out how much of campus life we can enjoy. Today in Woods Auditorium from 12-6. “Get’re Done!!” Thanks

Quote for the day:      “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?'”              MLK