We've collected some resources to help you prepare for your career. Don't hesitate to contact the individuals and organizations found here–you never know when an email or phone call will make your career. We're always updating this page so check back often (and if you think of something that should be on this list, let us know)!

Professional Organizations

These organizations host regular events in the community that can be great educational and networking opportunities! They may also have job boards or run design competitions. (And don't forget to find them on social media!)

AIGA Nebraska

AAF Omaha

AAF Lincoln

AMA Lincoln


List of Mentors

Local Agencies

Firespring (large, corporate, not very creative)

Swanson Russell (biggest ad agency in Nebraska. Has office sin Lincoln and Omaha. Niche: outdoor)

Bailey Lauerman (now in Omaha only, was big player in Nebraska, national accounts)


Archrival (coolest agency, national/international clients, very picky hiring, must be creme-de-la-creme creatives. Not great pay. But fun.)


Agent (advertising, traditional, small, formerly from Bailey Lauerman)

Red Thread (small agency, run by under-30 leaders, small clients, up and coming. Lots of turnover on client side, not-too-great pay or benefits)

Unanimous (Small, traditional, local clients, very corporate)

In house agencies: Nelnet, Ameritas,.


Don't be afraid to apply–your work is great! And if the entrance fee is a serious barrier, come talk to us!

American Advertising Awards (aka The ADDYs)

AIGA NE Designing Opportunity Scholarship

AMA Prism Awards