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Second Time Around

Cathy Ward Student - undergraduate 2021
I began my academic career as a traditional student right after graduation from Academy. This was a wake up call. I clunked around trying to figure out who I was and in the meantime juggled way too may classes. I made great friends many that are still my friends all these years later. I stopped school after one year and then returned again later! I stopped again to get married and then went straight into motherhood! Now that's a education all of its own. I moved to Andrews University and while working I attended more classes. Now I am back at Union College for my final finally! I started out in education bounced to journalism, allied health and now 30 years later have discovered all along that I wanted more than anything else to minister to those around me of the love of Jesus Christ. The very thing that God wanted me to do from the start. I had many ideas of what I wanted to do. However God was willing to let me flutter through this life until I was willing to give Him time to work out His Will and Way in my life. I am now a junior in the Religion program and working on a minor in Leadership. I thought this group would be a great idea for those older and returning students to meet and share time as we finish out academic goals! God is certainly working with me and all my crazy ideas and leading me to His goal for my life.